Adopt Me News & Updates [December 2021] | Scary House Update! πŸ‘»

Here in this post, we will provide the latest Adopt Me News and other game updates. So keep an eye on this post if you want to know about the all upcoming Roblox adopt me pets update and news.

Adopt Me Game News & Updates

Raise and dress cute pets, decorate your house, and play with friends in the magical, family-friendly world of Adopt Me on Roblox! 🐢🏘️😻

  • ❄️ Winter Holiday! ❄️
  • πŸ—“οΈ Advent Calendar is back! Log in for prizes every day!
  • 🐧 8 NEW festive pets, including the Walrus box!
  • ⛸️ New minigames – get your skates on!
  • 🎁 New toys and cozy pet wear!

Adopt Me Easter Egg Hunt Event 2021 With Pet Wear Rewards! πŸ₯š πŸ‘

Get ready to purchase a brand new pet accessory in Adopt Me Easter update April 2021. Additionally, they will also introduce a new lamb pet for a limited time only, eggs, and an Easter minigame called “Egg Hunt”. The “Easter Egg Hunt” will start automatically and you can find these eggs in the nursery house, under the bridges, house roof, and near the hot spring area. When collecting 250 eggs, you can buy a new Easter pet accessory. Below is the list of all pet accessories you can get in this Easter update.

Egg Hunt with pet wear rewards
Egg Hunt with pet wear rewards
  • Chick Backpack For 250 Eggs
  • Egg Glasses: 400 Eggs
  • Chick Hat: 250 Eggs
  • Bunny Ear Tiara: Need 600 Eggs
  • Egg Barrette: 100 Eggs

Easter Themed Furniture Set! πŸ₯š

This Easter update also brings all-new seven furniture set items, you can use them for your favorite pets. These items can be purchased by using game currency bucks. Here is the list of all furniture items, you can purchase…

  1. Bunny Bed: 150 Bucks
  2. Chick Fridge: 40 Bucks
  3. Cracked Egg Food Bowl: 80 Bucks
  4. Cracked Egg Water Bowl: 80 Bucks
  5. Egg Crib: 100 Bucks
  6. Egg Shower: 120 Bucks
  7. Plush Bunny Pet Bed: 180 Bucks

Adopt Me Spring Sale 2021 : Closed

Don’t miss this years Adopt Me spring sale because lots of pets receive up to 25% discount. This is the best time to pick up your premium pets at a huge discount. Here is the list of all pets that are on the spring sale 2021.

  • Cerberus – 375 Robux
  • Eagle – 450 Robux
  • Horse – 225 Robux
  • Kitsune – 450 Robux
  • Panda – 185 Robux
  • Robo Dog – 375 Robux
  • Sloth – 150 Robux

Adopt Me Spring Festival Pet Wear Event Items

Purchase a new spring festival pet wears accessories and items. In this game update, they introduced new ultra, rare and common pets. You can get these pets using some bucks.

Common Accessory

  • Bug Net – Need 150 Bucks
  • Headband – Need 125 Bucks
  • Neck Ribbon – Need 100 Bucks

Uncommon Accessory

  • Froggy Hat – Require 250 Bucks
  • Picnic Basket – Require 250 Bucks

Pack Accessory

Pack pets are those pet costumes, which come with a complete pack of costumes.

  • Hero’s Costume: It was released on April 11, 2020, in the “Spring Festival Pet 2020” event with three additional wear items. It required 250 Robux Money.
    1. Adventurer’s Sword – Ultra-Rare
    2. Adventurer’s Hood – Rare
    3. Black Scarf – Rare

Rare Accessory

  • Goth Shoes – Require 750 Bucks

Ultra Rare Accessory

  • Leaf Wings – Require 2,000 Bucks

Adopt Me New Pets And Pumpkins

There is a new upcoming pet in the game that you can adopt in the game. Any other information about this pet is not given by Dreamcraft except its name “Spooky”. You’ll see this pet very soon in the game and purchase it.

There is also an addition of Pumpkins in the game that you can see in the game. This is a hint of Halloween coming very soon. You may see the Halloween update with many other additions to the game.

Adopt Me Fall Update

There is a new update in the Roblox Adopt me in which the colors of the adopting island have been changed to red, yellow, and orange. You’ll not see green trees or other things anymore. With the update, every player is rewarded with a colorful crown of leaves. You can use this crown as your pet accessory. As the winter is coming, you can see leaves falling everywhere.

Hot Spring In Fall Update

There is the addition of a hot spring with this new update of the game. You can visit the island and take a look at the spring. The new hot spring is on the right side of the school. You have to cross the pool and enjoy the beautiful sight of the spring. There are some rocks around the spring that increases its beauty.

Roblox Adopt Me Created New Record

Adopt Me has created a new record with the new Ocean Egg update. There are 1.9 million players playing at the same time that is quite a large amount. Ocean egg got released on the 16th of April 2021. It has come with all new eight pets of different categories.

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