Ahri – The Nine-Tailed Fox Champion

The Ahri is is a vastaya who can reshape the magic into orbs of raw energy. Ahri uses surrounding forces and transforms it into energy orbs that are capable of hitting the players. She is a kind of predator but still has feelings of sympathy towards each soul that she consumes. It happens because she receives a flash of memory from the souls. In her whole life, she has manipulated her feelings about life and playing with the prey. In short, if anyone comes in her way then it may be a bad day for him. Choosing Ahri in the game as a champion will be a good decision if you want to kill more enemies. For other champions, check out our post “All Champions List” post.

Abilities Of Ahri!

These are the different abilities of Ahri that you can use in the game…

  • Essence Theft
    • After striking over more than nine enemies, this ability of Ahri starts to heal herself after every hit to the enemy.
  • Orb Of Deception
    • With this ability, Ahri does the double damage to the enemy. She creates a magical orb of energy and hits the enemy two times: once on the way out and once when it returns.
  • Fox-Fire
    • This ability allows Ahri allows you to hit the enemy three times. She rotates at a certain speed and creates the fox-fire.
  • Charm
    • It is a unique ability of Ahri because she throws a kiss towards the enemy and the enemy got attracted to her. The enemy takes huge damage because he can not attack her during the ability.
  • Spirit Rush
    • With this ability, Ahri moves with great speed and throw Orbs on enemies. You can use this ability three times before Ahri lost her stamina.

All Ahri Champion Available Skins!

Below is a list of all available skins for the Ahri champion…

  • Ahri Skin
  • Destiny Ahri Skin
  • Midnight Ahri Skin
  • Foxfire Ahri Skin
  • Popstar Ahri Skin
  • Challenger Ahri Skin
  • Academy Ahri Skin
  • Arcade Ahri Skin
  • Star Guardian Ahri Skin
  • K/DA Ahri Skin
  • K/DA Ahri Prestige Edition Skin
  • Elderwood Ahri Skin
  • Spirit Blossom Ahri Skin