Akali: The Rogue Assassin Champion

Akali is an assassin and chose to defend and play safe instead of going further. She had abandoned the Kinkou Order and her title of the Fist of Shadow. At the present time, she uses to attack alone and save her people from threats nearby. She is a perfect assassin now because of her master Shen. She has pledged to defend Ionia from all her enemies and kill if anyone tries to. If you choose Akali as your champion then use her different abilities to defend. Akali is the best champion if you want to play as a defender and save your world. For other champions in the game check out our post “All Champions List”.

Abilities Of Akali!

These are different abilities of Akali that you can use in the game…

  • Assassin’s Mark
    • This ability of Akali deals with spells of damage to the enemy. It creates a ring of energy around the enemy and increases her health. The range and bonus also increase with the attack.
  • Five Point Strike
    • Akali throws five Kunai towards the enemy and deals damage as per the bonus attack and the ability range of the champion.
  • Twilight Shroud
    • With this ability, Akali creates a ring of smoke and become invisible. She hides in the smoke and can’t be seen by the enemy. Her speed also increases in the smoke and allow her to attack the enemy. If she uses her other ability then it’ll reveal her position and the enemies can attack her.
  • Shuriken Flip
    • With this ability, she becomes faster and deals more damage. Firstly, she comes a little backward and hits the enemy with some bonus speed. It marks the position of the enemy and attack with the round weapon of her.
  • Perfect Execution
    • She strikes the enemy with a full force in a particular direction. She hits with her blades when she strikes the enemy and when she comes back. It’ll cause huge damage to the enemy’s health and help you in gaining more kills.

All Akali Champion Available Skins!

Below is the list of all available skins for the Akali champion…

  • Akali Skin
  • Stinger Akali Skin
  • Infernal Akali Skin
  • All-Star Akali Skin
  • Nurse Akali Skin
  • Blood Moon Akali Skin
  • Silverfang Akali Skin
  • Headhunter Akali Skin
  • Sashimi Akali Skin
  • K/DA Akali Skin
  • K/DA Akali Prestige Edition Skin
  • Project Akali Skin
  • True Damage Akali Skin