Among Us All Maps Game Guide | New Map

This article will guide you with all maps that are available in the World famous game Among Us. There are only three main maps in the Among Us game to play with your friends.

Each map has its own characteristics and abilities. So here we will discuss all three maps deeply for more information.

New Map “The Airship” Is Coming Out

The fourth map of Among us, one of the most popular games is coming in the early 2021. The Release date of the new Among us map is not announced yet. In the official trailer, there are lots of new tasks and areas are shown. The hope is that, this map will be completely different from the other maps. As the map will release, we’ll inform you.

All Maps List Of Among Us

  • The SKELD Among Us Map
  • The MIRAHQ Among Us Map
  • POLUS Among Us Map


The SKELD is the largest map In the “Among Us” game. When you play the game for the first time this map is selected by default. It has a large Cafetaria room with three blue colored round table. Where players can call for an emergency meeting if someone found a dead body.

The SKELD Map Cafetaria Room
Cafetaria Room

There is an old green-colored laptop on one of these tables. This laptop allows you to customize your character, which can be cremated or an Impostor. You can change your player skin, hat, and even your pet. But all hats and pets are paid for in the Among us game, you have to buy them all.

There is a security room in this map where you can keep an eye on every player on the space ship with a security camera. You can check out our all camera location in Among us post for better understanding.


This Among Us map is a little bit short as compared to SKELD. There is no security camera, which is another downside of this map. It makes it the most difficult map to play because of zero surveillance mode.

The MIRAHQ Cafetaria Room
The MIRAHQ Cafetaria Room

So be careful on this map otherwise, you can be dead on next door by an Impostor. It has an orange square table in its Cafeteria room with lots of food and pumpkins. The strange thing about this map is a green color liquid, which is everywhere on the ship wall. Maybe it’s an alien’s blood or something else, we can’t say anything about it surly.

The Polus Map

The Among Us Polus map is quite the same as the SKELD map in size. The main feature of this map is its security cameras. It has the most security cameras about six, which makes it the most difficult map to play in all “Among Us” maps. Because everyone can watch you with all these six security cameras.

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