All Paid: Among Us Skins Including Hat

Hello people, in this article we will talk about all Among Us skins that available for purchase in the game. Among us is a very popular game and thousands of people play it every day. If you loved to play Among us game as become Impostor or a Crew-mate. Then you probably like customize skins to your character.

Among Us Skins List

Here is the list of all Among us Skins that are available in the game. While they all are paid, you have to pay between $0.99 and $2.99 USD for each Skin.

Note: All Skins are including with its Hat

  • Hard Hat Skin: This is a Yellow Hat and blue pant costume
  • Captain Skin: You will get a White Captain skin with a hat
  • Mechanic Skin: Similar to “Hard Hat Skin”
  • Military Skin: If you like to become a military man in the game then this is the perfect skin for you
  • Police Skin: Want to become a Cop or a policeman then take a look at this skin
  • Doctor Skin: Save your Crewmates with this Doctor Skin from killer Impostor
  • Black Suite Skin: Become a gentleman and look out for Impostors
  • White Suite Skin: Be nice and simple while you playing the game
  • Wall Guard Skin: Protect your territory from Imposter

Among Us MIRA HQ Skin Bundle

Among Us MIRA HQ Skin Bundle
  • Orange MIRA HQ Skin: A orange mask guy with gray goggles
  • Blue Skin: Blue pant and shirt
  • Red Headphone Skin: Yellow Pant and a red headphone

Polus Map Skin Bundle

Polus Map Skin Bundle
  • Survivor Skin: Save your crewmates with a survivor costume, which have a torch on its hat
  • Winter Suite Skin
  • CowBoy Skin

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