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Redeem our Roblox Anime Fighters Simulator Codes for the free game boosts that will act as a game booster to increase your game level faster. Using them, players can unlock the new game worlds and build up the strongest character’s team. When a new code is available from the developer team, We update our codes list as soon as possible.

Active Anime Fighters Simulator Codes


Take a look at the active Anime Fighters Simulator Codes list for free game boosts and other rewards…

100KRECORD Yen, Luck, and Damage Boost
UpdateDelayYen Boost For 30 Minutes
VirtualCastleLuck Boost For 15 Minutes
Nice200kLuck Boost For 30 Minutes
Epic150kWeapon boost For 15 Minutes
50milthanksLuck Boost For 15 Minutes
Sulley500kExtra Yen & Luck Boost for 15 minutes
BronzePiece_Follow Bronze Piece On 30 Minutes
RealDairebYen Boost For 30 Minutes

Note: Next game code will be out at 225k Likes...

Inactive Game Codes

These codes have been expired now and can’t be redeemed…

  • Almost100k – Luck Boost For 15 Minutes
  • ChimeraIsland – Yen Boost For 30 Minutes
  • SlayerCorps – Yen & Weapon Boost For 30 Minutes
  • Super75k – luck boost For 15 Minutes
  • Magic100K – Yen Boost For 30 Minutes
  • GhoulCity – Extra Luck Boost for 30 minutes
  • Pog125k – Extra Luck Boost
  • Magic100k – Extra Weapon Boosts for 15 minutes
  • SlayerCorps – Extra Luck Boost
  • AttackOfGiants – Extra Luck Boost
  • Sulley100k – Extra Weapon Reward for 15 minutes
  • Super75k – Extra Luck Boost
  • Awesome50k – Extra Yen Boost
  • Lucky30k – Extra Yen Boost for 30 minutes
  • ChuggaChugga – Extra Luck Boosts
  • Sulley – Extra Luck Boost for 30 minutes
  • Sulley300k – Yen Boost For 30 Minutes
  • HeroAcademy – Extra Yen and Weaon Boosts for 30 minutes
  • EpicCode – Extra Yen Boost for 15 minutes
  • MegaLikes – Extra Yen Boost for 15 minutes
  • SuperLikes – Extra Yen Boost for 15 minutes
  • ManyLikes – Extra Yen Boost for 15 minutes

How-To Use Game Codes?

Open the game and then lookout for a white color “Twitter” icon and hit it. Now enter your code to get a game boost as a special reward.

What Are Game Boosts In Anime Fighters Simulator?


The game boosts help players to increase the Yen, damage, and luck multiplier by 1x value. There are three boosters in the Anime Fighters Simulator game.

  1. Yen Booster – It will double your currency by 2.5x value every time you earn a yen coin.
  2. Luck Booster – It increases the cances of new game characters and enemies.
  3. Weapon booster – Increase the weapon damage.

So this is all about Anime Fighters Simulator game codes and for more information, please visit its developer’s official “Twitter” account @RealDaireb

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