Anime Fighters Simulator Complete Game Guide

The Anime Fighters Simulator is an Adventure RPG game created on 01/25/2021 by the “Sulley” game studio. In this game, players have to collect “Yen” coins by defeating different level fighter forces like Armored forces and Leader Gan. You can also use our Anime Fighters Simulator codes to earn some free Yen coin boost and other rewards.

How-To Play The Game?

Follow the following steps, if you play the game for the first time…

  1. Open the game and choose your first game character. By default there are two game characters, you can choose that are…
    1. Heka
    2. Kamma
  2. After choosing the character follows the GPS Arrow which leads you toward your first mission. That is defeat the force 1 fighters.
  3. Now click on “Force 1” fighter to give a command to your character. Now he will start fighting with the forces and after defeating them, you can pick some Yen coins.
  4. Collect “Yen” coins and unlock more game characters.

Anime Fighters Simulator Game Characters

The game has Six types of “Characters” till now. Each of them has a different style as well as unique abilities.

  1. Common
  2. Epic
  3. Rare
  4. Legendary
  5. Mythical
  6. Secret or Special Characters

How-To Unlock a Game Character?

There are two ways players can unlock a new game character…

  1. Dip Star – Required 199 Robux
  2. Super Star – Required Yen coins

Dip Star Method

This is a paid method and needs 199 Robux to activate it. It contains only special types of game characters. So if you are interested to get a special type of character then you can choose this method but we will prefer only the “Super Star” method. While you can explore the different game worlds and be the first to discover a secret fighter in a secret village.

Super Star Method

It requires only “Yen” coins, which is a virtual currency of the game. Each game character needs 80 Yen coins to unlock. Now press the “E” button for 1x and press “Q” for auto-unlock.

How-To Fuse a Game Character?

We Fuse fighters to reach them at a higher game level. Higher the level more the damage rate and they can defeat the enemy faster. Please follow the given instruction to fuse a character with another one…

  1. Firstly, Select any character that you want to fuse from your inventory.
  2. Now select another character that you want to use to fuse with your previously selected fighter.
  3. After that, a prompt window will be open with a message of “Are you sure want to fuse these fighters?”. Hit the “yes” button and your fighter will be Fused.

What Is DPS?

The “DPS” means is “damage per second”. When your fighters deal with other forces, you can help them by increasing their damage rate. There is a clicker button in the bottom middle section of the game. By clicking on it you can increase the DPS (damage per second) rate. The faster you click, the faster the DPS rate will be.

However, there is an Auto clicker in the game shop where you can buy, and then you have no need to click it manually.

What Are Anime Fighters Simulator Codes?

Redeem our Roblox Anime Fighters Simulator Codes for the free crystals and boosts that will act as a game booster to increase your game level faster. By using them, players can unlock the new game worlds and build up the strongest character’s team.

What Are Game Boosts?

The game boosts help players to increase the Yen, damage, and luck multiplier by 1x value. There are three boosters in the Anime Fighters Simulator game.

  1. Yen Booster – It will double your currency by 2.5x value every time you earn a yen coin.
  2. Luck Booster – It increases the cances of new game characters and enemies.
  3. Weapon booster – Increase the weapon damage.

So this is all about game codes and for more information, please visit its developer’s official “Twitter” account @RealDaireb

Item Shop: Anime Fighters Simulator

Now, you can buy lots of featured items, and game passes from the item shop…

Featured ItemsPriceGame PassesPrice
Zero One100 RobuxExtra Equip (Equip 5 fighters instead of 3)599 Robux
Dark250 Robux2x Yen399 Robux
Best Girl600 Robux2x Exp299 Robux
Drip Heka1.5 RobuxLucky (Small increase to chances of rare fighter)99 Robux
Super Lucky (Medium increase to chances of rare fighter)699 Robux
Ultra Lucky (Large increase to chances of rare fighter)1.99 Robux
Small Backpack99 Robux
Big Backpack399 Robux
VIP Pass ( 25% off stars, VIP nametag)399 Robux
Fast Open399 Robux
Multi Open399 Robux
Teleport ( access the teleport menu from anywhere)49 Robux
Magnet (Pick Up yen Automatically)149 Robux
Auto Clicker 69 Robux
Sprint (Run a Lot faster than you normally)29 Robux

Game Description!

  • Explore, and be the first to discover a secret fighter!
  • Collect and train the strongest fighters!
  • Discover new worlds, with new fighters in each one!

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