Archero Mobile Promo Codes 2021

We have all new active Archero promo codes and cheats that can redeem for some free coins, gems, energy, and other rewards in the game. These coins and gems are like virtual currency in the game to buy new armor, weapons, and pets, and more.

All New Archero Promo Codes

  • There is no working promo codes currently available

Expired Archero Promo Codes List

Given Archero cheat codes are now get expired and will not work for you…

  • 2021
  • archerhi
  • archeroduo
  • archerogo
  • archerofun
  • archerowin
  • archero1
  • goodarcher
  • HTOT
  • image
  • lovearchero
  • santahero
  • QuickRaid

What Are Anniversary Codes & How To Obtain Them?

The anniversary codes are given on some special game events only and can be obtained by connecting the Facebook account with the Archero game server. Just follow the given steps to connect the game with your Facebook account.

  • First, you have to need to go to Habby Aniversary official website.
  • Now it will ask you to continue with Facebook and then put your account information to complete the sign-up process
  • After that, you will need to complete a short quiz to connect with Facebook. Here’s the list of all quiz question and their answers…
  1. Question 1. Default Weapon
    1. Answer: Bow
  2. Question 2. Angel Protects Us
    1. Answer: Angel Ghost
  3. Question 3. Hero Count
    1. Answer: 12 Heroes

How To Insert Promo Code in Archero?

To insert a promo code in Archero game on both iOS and Android then please follow the given steps carefully…

How To Insert Promo Code in Archero
  1. First open-up the game and look for the white gear icon
  2. Now click on it and will open all setting menu, now search for Insert promo code option to redeem a code.
  3. Insert your promo code and claim a reward!

About The Game!

The Archero is an arcade action game by habby, which is available both for Android and iOS devices. As its name suggests it is an Archery game where you are an alone Archer and have to defeat many upcoming waves of evil like zombie crow, stone zombies, Carnivorous plants, and other obstacles to increase your level. By killing them you can earn free coins, gems, new abilities, and arrows strength.

Further in the game, you may found an angel that blesses you with some attack boost or heal. Now it is up to you what blessing you want from her.

The game has many maps with different evils and obstacles. Increase your level to unlock a different world.

So this is all about Archero game and its promo codes list. For more information please contact us.