Armor Stand Recipe: How to make a Armor Stand in Minecraft?

Looking for an stand for you armor in Minecraft game then here is “Armor Stand Recipe”. In this article, you’ll easily learn how to make an armor stand that is useful and makes your place more stylish. While sleeping or performing any other activity, you can place the armor on it. So, let’s begin with this guide.

Requirements For Armor Stand Recipe

You’ll require the following items to make the armor stand in the game…

  • Crafting Table
  • 6 Wooden Sticks
  • Smooth Stone Slab

First of all, visit your crafting table. If you don’t have the table then craft one because you can not make the stand without it.

Collect some wooden sticks now. You can chop down some trees and get wooden blocks from them. Now, craft the wooden sticks from the blocks that you collected.

Craft the smooth stone slab on the table. If you don’t know how to craft the smooth stone slab then you can check this guide. If you have the slab then lets move towards the steps.

Steps To Craft Armor Stand

Steps To Craft Armor Stand
Steps To Craft Armor Stand

Follow the steps given below to craft your Armor Stand…

  • Firstly, visit your Crafting table and open it.
  • Place the smooth stone slab in the middle of the bottom row and two wooden sticks on the both side of slab.
  • Take three sticks and place on the top row and one in the middle of the table.
  • You can check the image above to confirm your placements of items.
  • Pick the Armor stand and place it where you want.

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