Roblox Assassin Codes & Value List 2021

The NeedForGaming presents all active Roblox Assassin codes for rare knives and pets. The knives and pets are the cosmetic and collecting items in the game. But Knife is the main attacking weapon in the game whereas pets are just a cosmetic item. They will follow you all-time in the game during your hunting mission.

Active Assassin Codes List

Take a look at the active Roblox Assassin game codes…

  • secretsnowmanomg – Reward > Redeem this code for free holiday Knife
  • NO_DATA – Reward > Redeem this code for free common Purple Nation Knife
  • walruspls – Reward > Redeem this code for free common Walrus Pet

Expired Codes

  • holiday – Reward > Redeem this code for free Holiday 2020 Knife
  • PRISMANGAMES – Reward > Redeem this code for free common Floating Knife Pet
  • snowman – Reward > Redeem this code for free Holiday 2020 Snowman Knife

How To Use Assassin Codes?

How To use Assassin Codes

To use the above codes, you need to look for a “gear” icon on the bottom left side of the screen. Now click on that icon and put your code where “code” text is written and press the “Enter” button to get a reward.

About The Game!

The Roblox Assassin is a “Assassins” game created on 3 May 2016 by prisman game studio. In this game, your main mission is to find and hunt your target. But watch out for your assassin during the mission. So enjoy the game and collect hundreds of rare and epic Knives and pets to ranked up more in the game. There are many “Clan Competitions” in the game, you can join them to get new cosmetic items. Token coins also help you to buy game assets like pets, knives, radio, effects, and game passes. As you win more Assassin’s rounds more tokens you will get.

Game Latest News & Updates!

The Roblox Assassin “Season 8” update is here with lots of game improvements and new season passes. Here is the list of all changes has been made in this game update…

  • 🐬 NEW Season Pass
  • 🌀 New Bundle in shop
  • 🍧 Summer Case
  • 🗝️ Play 10 rounds daily for a Key!

Roblox Assassin value list

There is only five active value list for Roblox Assassin game, where you can join and play with other players.

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