Bee Swarm Simulator: All Bees & Eggs

Bees are the most important character in the Bee Swarm Simulator” game. They collect pollen from different flower fields and make honey. In this post, we’ll tell you about the different types of bees and eggs in the game. You can hatch different types of bees from different eggs. Bees like to collect pollen from their favorite fields. If you take them to the wrong field then it’ll look unhappy.

Some Bees have special abilities to boost the amount of pollen by 15% for 15 seconds. Ability can stack up to 10 times boosting pollen from red flowers by 150%. Bee with Bomb has the skill to collect pollen from all flowers around it. If you activate multiple bombs in a row you get bonus pollen. Hatching lots of bees allows you to combo their skills for maximum effect.

All Bees have their own abilities like Red bee is feisty all the time. The rascal bee is a little mischievous because it produces bombs that produce red pollen and it is a good fighter too. Rage Bee is always angry and upset. But it is greater for firing up your other bees in the battle.

Types of Bees in The Game!

Basically, there are 4 types of bees in the bee swarm simulator that are given below…

  1. Basic Bees
    • These bees look the same and act the same. You’ll hardly find any difference between them except the color.
  2. Rare Bees
    • These bees are much stronger and powerful than the basic bees. There is a chance to get them if you have a silver egg.
  3. Epic Bees
    • You can get epic bees in both the silver and gold eggs. There is also a chance of getting legendary bees in the golden egg.
  4. Legendary Bees
    • You can get all these bees in both the gold and diamond eggs. Their bees are most powerful among all other types.

All Bees in the Bee Swarm Simulator Game

Baby BeeLegendaryThis bee is not good at work but will bring you some joy and luck
Basic BeeCommonOrdinary, well-rounded, & Hardworking Bee
Bomber BeeRareThis bee makes a bomb and collects- pollen from nearby flowers
Brave BeeRareA loyal bee that will do anything to protect its owner
Bubble BeeEpicThe bee lived in the ocean and loves blue flower as it reminds of home
Bucko BeeEpicLeaders of blue bees and rivals of the Riley bees
Bumble BeeRareAlso known as Blue Bomb and move slow but work harder than others
Carpenter BeeLegendaryA bee with a knack for construction and makes its own food from woods
Commander beeEpicA strong, no-nonsense bee who always stayed level-headed when things get rough
Cool BeeRareIt is a sarcastic bee that blue flowers and better than other bees
Demo BeeEpicBomber bee, an expert in bombs and has worked its worked up the ranks
Diamond BeeLegendaryA Wealthy and Pompous bee who has money and talent to justify its attitude
Exhausted BeeEpicThis bee suffers from insomnia. It moves slowly but never sleeps
Fire BeeEpicWorks fast as it accidentally left in the trunk of a car for 3 days
Frosty BeeEpicBee made of snow and it becomes active when someone puts a blue hat on her head
Fuzzy BeeMythicThis unkempt ball of fluff is a bee and its fur aids in the pollination of flowers
Hasty BeeRareA quick-moving bee that sometimes makes you moves faster
Honey BeeEpicA satisfied bee is always full of the finest honey. If you are lucky it will share some.
Lion BeeLegendaryHalf Lion and half bee: This is the king of both the jungle and the hive
Looker BeeRareA silent bee that always watches and gains insights
Music BeeLegendaryThis Bee’s buzz is beautiful in that it can motivate others with it
Ninja BeeLegendaryThis bee has trained for years to become the swiftest bee ever lived
Rad BeeRareA stylish bee that likes red flowers and everyone wants to be with this bee
Rascal BeeRareMischievous bee who moves quickly and hits hard. Rascal bee can leave you behind during a mission, so Rascal bee is not good.
Rage BeeEpicAngry bee who has been wronged her whole life and wants to become powerful
Riley BeeEpicShe is the leader of Red bees and longtime rival Bucko Bees. Its fiery nature and more aggressive than others
Shocked BeeEpicThis bee has learned special talent to cope because it has been startled by everything that came
Shy BeeLegendaryThis bee doesn’t want to socialize and want to work alone
Spicy beeMythicThis bee likes scorching instead of hot and make spicy honey
Stubborn BeeRareYou can not control this. She is her own boss and goes where she wants
Tadpole BeeMythicA tiny amphibious bee who wants to be a frog when it grows up
Vector beeMythicA bee brought to life by an extreme complex trigonometric equation

How-To Get More Bees In Bee Swarm Simulator?

When you enter the game, go and claim an empty honeycomb by simply pressing “Claim Hive“. It’ll provide you some bees that can also make honey when you are in the honeycomb. For more bees, open the egg menu and add eggs to the honeycomb cells. You can also purchase basic eggs using honey and each time the required quantity of the honey will be increase for more eggs.

When you have enough bees then go to the flower field and use the mouse to collect pollen. The bees will automatically collect the pollen from the flowers too. When the bees get tired then they move to their hive for some rest. When they wake up, they’ll find you automatically.

Best Bees in Bee swarm Simulator!

There are lots of bees in the Bee Swarm simulator. Those Bees who collect pollen faster and save you from the insects too are the best bees in the game.

Here is the list of best bees in the game…

  • Rage bee
  • Frosty bee
  • Demon bee
  • Music bee
  • Brave bee
  • Blue bee

What Is The Favorite Food Of Bees?

There is no particular favorite food for the bees. It depends on you that what you feed to your bees. You can give them treats, berries, and strawberries to eat. If you have the red bee then take care of that one because the red bee likes to eat all the time. You can use our Bee swarm Simulator codes to get these food items for your bee.

How-To Increase your bond with bees?

Use the different treats like strawberry, pineapple, Moon Charm, and treat pies to increase your bonds with bees. You can also take your bees to their favorite flower fields and let them collect the pollen. It also increases your bond with the bees.

How To Transform Common bees into Epic, Rare, and Legendary?

Once you have purchased the basic egg from the shop. It will allow hatching a common bee in your hive. You need to have a Royal jelly in your inventory. Use the Royal jelly and give it to your common bee. The common bee will transfer into a random epic, rare, or legendary one.

How To Get Royal Jelly In Bee Swarm Simulator?

For Royal Jelly, you need to wander the higher locations of the game. It is placed inside the wall near the different flower fields but you can see it from outside. You can also get the royal jelly by killing the spiders and rhino beetles. You can also use the Bee Swarm Simulator codes to get the Royal Jelly.

Types Of Eggs In Bee Swarm Simulator Game!

There are plenty of eggs in the game that you can use to hatch bees. Different eggs will lead you to have different bees. You can either purchase these eggs from the store or complete the bear quests to get them. Below is the list in which you can take at different types of eggs…

All Eggs In Roblox Bee Swarm Simulator Game
  • Basic egg – You’ll get a basic bee with this egg that can be modified to a rare or epic bee with the help of royal jelly.
  • Silver Egg – There is a chance of getting basic, epic, or rare bee with this egg.
  • Gifted Silver Egg – This egg is provided after the black bears quest or a very low chance by killing the werewolf or defeating the tunnel bear.
  • Gold Egg – You can get a rare or legendary bee with the golden egg.
  • Gifted Gold Egg – There is very little chance of getting this egg by defeating the Stump snail or the Coconut Crab. When you complete 275 quests of brown bear then you can get this egg.
  • Diamond Egg -The diamond egg allows you to have the epic and legendary bees in the game.
  • Gifted Diamond Egg – You can get this one by completing quests of gifted Bucko bee and gifted Riley bee. There is very low chance of getting this egg by defeating stumping snail or coconut crab.
  • Mythic Egg – This egg is available in the shop, so you can purchase it from the shop and hatch mythic bee.
  • Star Egg – This egg hatches into a gifted bee. You can also purchase it from the item shop. Completing the Mother bear and Panda bear’s quest also make you eligible to get this egg.

How To Get Silver Egg?

To get a silver egg for free, you need to complete the Black Bear quest. It is one of the bears in the Bee swarm game that provides different quests. The quest you need to complete for the Silver egg is…

  • Get 500 honey
  • Collect 600 pollen from the Red Flower farm.
  • Collect 1000 pollen Blue Flower farm
    • The Black Bear says that the honey from blue flowers taste minty.
  • Collect 1000 pollen from the mushroom field, clover field, and the blue flower field.
  • Now Collect 10,000 White Pollen

When you complete the quest, the black bear will say that the bee that hatches from the silver egg will go on to become the fine honey maker.

How To Get Gold Egg?

For the gold egg, you have to complete the given quests given by the Black bear. From the gold egg, you can have a chance to get Epic or Legendary Bees. Complete the following quests to get the Gold Egg…

  • Collect 4000 pollen from the Bamboo field.
  • Collect 5000 Red pollen.
  • Go to the Spider field and collect 6000 pollens.
  • Collect 3000 pollen from the sunflower, dandelion, mushroom, and blue flower Fields.
  • Collect 13,000 pollen from the Pineapple Patch.
    • You must have at least ten bees to go inside the pineapple patch.
  • You need to collect 16000 pollens from any of the fields.
  • Collect 10,000 pollen from Strawberry, clover, and bamboo fields.
  • Collect 25,000 Red pollen and Blue Pollen each.

How To Get Diamond Egg?

Go to the black bear and take the diamond egg quests to get the egg. When you complete all the quests, the black bear will give you a diamond egg as a reward. There are a total of 20 quests, which are…

  1. Collect 50,000 white pollen.
  2. Collect 30,000 pollen from Strawberry and Sunflower Fields.
  3. Go to the Bamboo and dandelion field and collect 40,000 pollen each
  4. Collect 10, 0000 Pollen
  5. Visit the clover field and collect 100,000 pollen.
  6. Collect 150,0000 blue pollen
  7. Collect 80,000 pollen from the Pineapple field and 80,000 red pollen.
  8. Go to the Blue Flower Field and collect 100,000 pollen. Also, collect 100,000 pollen from the Mushroom Field.
  9. Collect 250,000 pollen from the Spider field.
  10. Visit any field and collect 300,000 Red pollen and 8 Pollen from Cactus tree
  11. Collect 315,000 pollen from Pumpkin field
  12. Gather 375,000 pollen from any field
  13. Collect 180,000 pollen from pine tree forest and 1,80,000 pollen from cactus field
  14. Collect 20, 0000 pollen from a pineapple field
  15. Go to the Rose flower field and collect 450,000 pollen
  16. Collect 300,000 white pollen and collect 200,000 pollen from the Clover field.
  17. Collect 100,000 pollen from Sunflower, Dandelion, Mushroom, and Blue flower filed each.
  18. Black bear needs 250,000 pollen from each strawberry, spider, and bamboo flower field.
  19. Collect 275,000 pollen from the rose field, Pine Tree, Pumpkin patch, Cactus field, and pineapple patch each.
  20. Quest of legends, collect 500,000 white, red, and blue pollen.

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