All Best VR Games In Roblox 2021

Hello there! NeedForGaming presenting another post in which you’ll get all the best VR games in Roblox. Tons of games are there on the Roblox platform, but you can not play every game on VR. If you have recently got a new VR headset and don’t know what games you should play on it than this post is for you. So, we have found some best VR games that runs very smoothly with the VR headset and provides a great quality experience.

Why only the Best VR games? There are many other VR games available on Roblox that you can play. But, many of them are not so compatible with VR. You may feel some glitches or other problems playing such games.

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All Best Roblox VR Games List

Here is the list of the best Roblox VR games that you can play…

  • VR SandBox
  • EdgeWorks
  • VR Hands
  • Sked’s VR Playground
  • Sound Space
  • VR Blox Drawing
  • Opposer VR
  • VR Escape Room
  • The VR World

VR Sandbox

In VR Sandbox, players enters a 3D world and make create different items. Dance parties in this game are often. The main point of the game is to increase the creativity level of the player. It means that players can make anything like buildings, places, and even mountains.


One of the best VR games developed by GregTame is Edgeworks. Only the VR players can play this game. Players can visit different places in the game and solve puzzles. The best part is that the players can also use guns and shoot. Overall, this one is worth playing if you really want to take the full VR experience.

VR Hands

With the amazing obbys and tasks including, this game “VR Hands” provides an amazing VR experience. There are many things on the ground that you can pick. You can throw, destroy, or do whatever your mind says. PC’s players can also play this game.

Sked’s VR Playground

The Player will enter a beautiful playground where many tasks are available. You can either play the obbys or solve the puzzles. You can also become a god and lift other players and obstacles in Sked’s VR Playground

Sound Space

This one is very much different from the other VR game developed by Blox Saber. In the Sound Space game, players have to hit the objects coming towards them. A specific song will be played in the background and hitting the objects will feel like dance steps. Sound Space game is very much similar to the Beat Saber game.

VR Blox Drawing

VR Blox Drawing is a drawing game developed by welikeminecraft38. In this game, players enter a 3D world and can draw anything they want. Changing of the colors can be done with the hands.

Opposer VR

Opposer VR is a fighting game in which players can fight using different weapons. Firstly, you’ll get the sword and can hit other players with that sword. Move to the center of the building where the tables are placed. Pick the weapons from the tables and shoot other players.

Escape Room VR

Escape Room VR is a puzzle solving game developed by Glide. In this game, you are stuck inside a room and have to solve some puzzles to get out from the room.

The “VR World”

The game has the biggest map in the all Roblox games. The developer of the VR World game are TJ Studios. There are lots of tasks in this game like cooking food, vehicles parking, and punching. If you are a true fan of Roblox then you must play this game.

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