Top Best Scary Games On Roblox

In this article, you’ll get the Top Best Scary Games on Roblox. If you are a fan of horror and spooky games then you must try all these games below. All the games are the best one that should fall in this category. While each game has its own story and capability to scare the players that play these games. However, Many of these games are multiplayer that you can enjoy with your friends.

All Best Scary and Horror Games On Roblox

Here is the list of all scariest and horror games on Roblox, you can play with friends.

  • Stop it Slender
  • Piggy
  • It Lurks
  • The Maze Runner
  • Identity Fraud
  • Light Bulb: Reillumination
  • Finders Keepers
  • Darkwood
  • Roses

Stop it Slender

This is a game in which players have to collect the eight hidden pages and start the generators. These hidden pages is the key to escape the nightmare. You should be careful of the Slenderman and his proxies. Don’t look at the slenderman. If you do so, you’ll be caught by him and your game is over. He can surprise you appearing anywhere in the game.

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Roblox Piggy Game
Roblox Piggy Game

In this game, you have to solve the mysteries avoiding the monster. The game is created by MiniToon and allows a maximum of six players. When the players enter the game, they land in a city of mysteries. One of those players is made piggy and trust me guys this is the most horror game in Roblox. While other players have to complete the tasks and the piggy have to stop them. When the piggy catches a player, he kills that player with his weapon and that killing is so scary that no player would like to be caught up.

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It Lurks

In this game, players can play different chapters. Every chapter has a different map and story. What will you feel if you hear some noise coming from the basement in the midnight with all lights off. Want to take that experience then must play this game.

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The Maze Runner

The Maze Runner Game

Maze Runner is a game in which players can do a lot of things. There are plenty of quests that you can do and also a shop where you can purchase the tools and items. A very big maze is there that you have to complete. In this maze, you’ll find a lot of different insects and other things that will definitely scare you.

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Identity Fraud

Identity Fraud Game

This game is just a different kind of game. In this game, you will enter a place where lots of turns are there. You have to be careful because any player can turn into a monster and kill you. Dark places in this game make it more scary because if you see the monster there, you’ll be really scared. You’ll enjoy this game better with your friends.

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Light Bulb: Reillumination

Light bulb is a story based game in which the player is stuck inside a huge house. You have to find out a way to exit the house. This game is very puzzling, so don’t forget the way when you are very close to the exit. Stay away from the dark places, solve the puzzles, and make your way to out of the house. However, many players find problems with the puzzles, so you have to keep patience if you really want to get out of the house.

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Finders Keepers

This game is one of the best scariest games of that time. In this game, your house became haunted and a spirit enters into your house. You have to search the house for a disk and play it on the laptop. Make sure that the spirit will not find you before that. Otherwise, you’ll lose the game.

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In Darkwood game, players enter a world with different objectives. Collect the different items in your way because you are going to need them during objectives. Be careful, all these items are protected by monsters that’ll attack when you pick the items. The game has multiplayer mode also. So, gather your friends and take them to a horror journey in the dark wood.

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This is the scariest game in Roblox that I have seen. You’ll enter a dark house where a lot of things are waiting to scare you. There is a guaranty of mine that you’ll like this game. The monster from the dark will surely surprise you. The tasks and the graphics of the game are awesome.

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Roses is a mystery game in which your friend Max is missing. The last clue about your friend is that he has gone to see an abandoned hospital. Moreover, there are lots of problems you’ll face in finding your friend. You’ll surely like the game and recommend to other players.

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So these are top best Scary Games on Roblox, you can enjoy and play with your friends.

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