Brewing Stand Recipe: How To Make Brewing Stand In Minecraft?

Welcome to a new guide of Minecraft game in which we’ll discuss the Brewing Stand Recipe. As we all know that brewing stand is an important tool in the Minecraft game. You can use it to make some potions that are very useful in many ways. Potion heals your health and also provide some boost to the avatar. Some potions can also be used to provide damage to the different creatures in the game. They deal damage in a specific area where they are thrown.

Requirements For Brewing Stand Recipe

Before we go further ahead, we have to collect the items below to craft the brewing stand…

  • Three Cobblestone
  • One Blaze Rod

For the cobblestone, you can use the blast furnace to craft it from the ore. If you want it directly from the ore, then use the Pickaxe to get it from the cobble ore. You can find it mines and forests.

For the Blaze rod, you need to get the blaze first. You can find the Blaze near the Nether portals. There are also some zombies and skeletons near the nether portal that can also give you blaze. After that, you can easily make the blaze rods.

Steps To Craft Brewing Stand

Steps To Craft Brewing Stand
Steps To Craft Brewing Stand

Follow the easy steps below to make your own brewing stand…

  • Firstly, visit to your crafting table.
  • Open the inventory and place the cobblestones in the bottom row of the table.
  • Take the blaze rod and put in the middle box of the table, exactly as in the image above.
  • Now, pick the brewing stand and add to your inventory.
  • The stand is now finally available to craft some potions.

Note: The fuel used to burn the brewing stand is Blaze powder. To get the blaze powder, you only have to place the blaze rods in the table and collect the powder.

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