Cartography Table Recipe: How To Make Cartography Table In Minecraft

Hello there! Welcome to our post “Cartography Table Recipe In Minecraft”. In this post, you’ll know how to craft the Cartography Table. This table is an important item in the game by which you can make maps. You can also clone, zoom, and modify the maps on this table.

Required Items For Cartography Table Recipe In Minecraft

You will need to arrange the following items for crafting of Cartography Table…

  • Planks x4
  • Paper x2
  • Crafting table

Firstly, you need to make a crafting table in the game for the construction of the Cartography Table. Collect some planks for the base of the Cartography Table. You can collect any planks you like, it may be wooden, sand, or stone.

How To Craft Paper in Minecraft?

How To Craft Paper in Minecraft

Follow the given steps to craft the paper in-game which that you can make the table…

  • Firstly, look for some sugarcane near the ponds or rivers.
  • Collect the sugarcane and go to the crafting table.
  • Open the crafting table and drag sugarcane in the middle row of the table.
  • You can craft one piece of paper with three sugarcane.
  • Pick the paper and add it to the inventory.

Steps To Craft Cartography Table In Minecraft

Below is the list of steps that you have to follow to easily craft the Cartography table…

Steps To Craft Cartography Table In Minecraft
  • First of all, open the crafting table in the game.
  • Select the two pieces of paper from inventory and add it to the first row of the table like in the image.
  • Now select any of the planks and drag to the table.
  • Place them below the paper in the middle and last row of the table.
  • The Cartography Table must be ready in the table.
  • Pick it and add it to the inventory.
  • You can now place it where you like and use it for map creation and cloning.

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