Composter Recipe In Minecraft: How To Make?

Hello there, Welcome to an all-new Minecraft game guide in which we’ll discuss “Composter Recipe“. If you don’t know what a composter is then let me tell you about it first. A composter is a box-like structure that converts vegetables, roots, and fruits into bonemeal. When you serve your plants with bone-meal then it helps a lot to grow them faster. Now, getting back to the topic, let’s discuss how to make a composter in the Minecraft game.

Requirements For Composter Recipe

You must have the following items to make a composter…

  • Crafting Table
  • Seven Wood Slabs

Firstly, make a crafting table. You’ll need the table to craft the composter.

Cut down some trees and collect the wood planks. Use the crafting table to make wood slabs from the planks. You can do it by placing planks in a single row and collect the slabs from the table.

Steps To Make Composter in Minecraft

You can easily build or craft the composter by following the given steps…

How To Craft Composter in Minecraft
How To Craft Composter in Minecraft
  • Firstly, visit the crafting table of yours and open it.
  • Now, open the inventory and select the wood slabs.
  • Add them to the crafting table as shown in the above image.
  • Pick up the composter from the table and add to your inventory.
  • The composter is now ready to use and grow up your crops faster.

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