Today’s Current Fall Guys Item Shop

Welcome to the daily updated post of the Fall Guys Item shop. Take a look at all current items that are available in today’s item shop. The item shop has some featured items along with the regular items. This post undergoes an update daily and provides you all new items and the Fall Guys Medieval Knockout skins list.

The item shop also contains a DLC store that provides you a bunch of items. There are also some unique skins and items available in the DLC store. You can easily take a look at all these items in the store.

Fall Guys Item Shop

Below are the both regular items and featured items in Fall guys Item Shop that are available…

Regular Items

Fall Guys Regular Items

These are the regular items that are available in the item shop. You can buy these with the virtual currency Kudos and Crown chips. Purchase if you like one because they will expire after 24 hours.

GoalieCommon1000 Kudos
BoxingUncommon5000 Kudos
Knock OffRare8000 Kudos
HunterRare1700 Kudos
TwooEpic3 Crown
Flower PotRare1 Crown
Item Shop Table

Featured Items

Fall Guys Featured Items

These are the featured items that remain for a short time. So, buy them as soon as possible.

Duchess[Lower Part]Legendary11,000 Kuddos
Duchess[Upper Part]Legendary11,000 Kuddos
ChainmailUncommon3 Crown

Note: These items remain in the item shop approximately for 3 days. Buy them before they got vanished.

Fall Guys Item Shop FAQ’s

Below are some queries that are frequently asked about the Fall Guys item shop. Check them if you are also facing one of them.

How to buy items in fall guys?

To buy items from the item shop, you need to open the item shop first. Then you must have the currency to buy the items in the game. The currency of Fall Guys is Kudos and Crown chips.

When do the Item Shop update in Fall Guys?

The items shop undergoes an update daily as our post updates too.

When do the skins return to the Item Shop?

There is no method to get the skins back in the item shop as it changes every day. So, if you like any skin in the item shop then buy it because there are very few chances to get it back in the shop.

What are Kudos and How to Get them?

Kudos is the virtual currency of the game Fall Guys and you can get it by purchasing the Collector’s Edition pack or playing the game.