Grounded Game Bee Guide

Hello there. Welcome to our post “Grounded Game Bee Guide“. With the latest update of the Grounded game, the developers has added many new things one of which is Bee. In this article, we’ll talk about the bee like how to interact and kill a bee. Along with this, we are also including the tools and armor recipes that you can make with the Bee parts.

You have to find bees before killing them. As we know that the bees makes honey that can be only made of flower pollen. So, you can find them near the Oak tree and pond because there are many flower plants. You can also visit the bee hive that is located under a table at the south west area.

How To Kill Bee In Grounded?

How To Kill Bee In Grounded
How To Kill Bee In Grounded

Killing a bee in grounded game is a very difficult task that can easily frustrate you. Here are some easy steps that can help you killing the bee in a easy way. You must be a little cautious when you interact with a bee. But before that you must have the following items in your inventory. These items will help you in killing the bee in a easy way.

Note: The Gas arrow will produce some harmful gases, so don’t forget to wear the gas mask to avoid health damage.

Guide To Kill Bee In Grounded Game

Follow the given steps to kill bee in the game…

  • Firstly, go and find a bee. You can also use some lure traps to attract them.
  • After that, equip your bow and the gas arrow to hit the bee.
  • You may have to shoot a lot of arrows to interact with BEE, so make as many gas arrows as possible.
  • As the Bee comes to you, shoot a lot of arrows on the ground so that their gas kill the bee quickly.
  • While doing this, you have to run from one place to other, so that the bee can not attack you.
  • The bee will die soon with the gases. Collect the bee parts and analyze them to get more recipes.

Bee Armor And Tool Recipes

When you analyze the bee parts at the field station, it’ll provide you some new recipes. Here is the list of those recipes…

Bee Helmet5x Bee Fuzz, 1x Berry Leather,
2x Spider Silk
Bee Chest Piece4x Bee Fuzz, 4x Berry Leather,
1x Bee Stinger
Bee Leggings4x Bee Fuzz, 4x Berry Leather,
4x Spider Silk
Stinger Spear5x Bee Fuzz, 4x Spider Silk,
1x Bee Stinger

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