Grounded New Flying Creatures Update

Hello guys! In the new update of the grounded game, the developers have brought all-new flying creatures. The last creature that has come is the crow, and now it has come with a new update. The new update has come with three new creatures that are mosquitoes, fireflies, and bees. We’ll discuss all the creatures in this article including all the updates.

Apart from this, there are some other major updates including new tools, armor, and interface update. Here, you’ll also get the new armor and tools recipe along with all other updates. So, let’s start without wasting your precious time.

New Flying Creatures List

Take a look at all-new flying creatures in the Grounded game…

  • Bees Bees are the new creatures basically found near the flowers. You can also craft new Bee armor with the bee parts. If you are playing Grounded game from starting then you have seen the rotten Bee armor inside the anthill while searching the BURG.L chip.
  • Fireflies – It is the second creature that come with this new update. When you kill a firefly, collect its parts because they are useful in crafting new recipes.
  • Mosquitos – Mosquitos are new creatures in the game found near the lake. Mosquito Needle is the new item that you can craft with them.

New Crafting Content With Recipes

Here is the list of all new tools, armors, and utilities that come with this new update…

  • Bee Armor Set (Face Mask, Shoulder Pads, Shin Guards)
  • Firefly Head Lamp
  • Stinger Spear
  • Mosquito Needle
  • Weevil Shield
  • New consumable: Healbasa
  • Two new stuffed friends: Stuffed Bee and Stuffed Firefly

Bee Armor Set Recipe

Firstly, you need to craft a workbench in the Grounded game. It is the place where you can craft all other tools and items. Take a look at the list to see what items will you need to craft the bee armor…

  • Face Mask – You’ll need Bee Fuzz x5, Spider Silk x2, and x1 Berry Leather to craft the face mask.
  • Shoulder Pads – You’ll need Bee Fuzz x4, Bee Stinger x1, and Berry Leather x4 to craft the shoulder pads.
  • Shin Guards – You’ll need Bee Fuzz x4, Spider Silk x4, Berry Leather x4 to craft the Bee Shin Guards.

Firefly Head Lamp Recipe

To craft this tool, you’ll need the given items in your inventory…

  • Iridescent Scale x4
  • Bioluminescent Goop x5
  • Berry Leather x3

Mosquito Needle Recipe

The Mosquito Needle is a useful tool that you can use to kill different insects in the Grounded game. To get the Mosquito Needle in the workbench recipe, analyze Mosquito Beak or Mosquito Blood Sack first. You’ll need the following items to craft the needle with a workbench…

  • Mosquito Beak x2
  • Silk Rope x2
  • Mosquito Blood Sack x2

Stinger Spear Recipe

This one is a useful tool made up of bee stinger and fuzz. Firstly, analyze the bee stinger to get the item in your workbench tool recipe. After that, visit your workbench with the items listed below to craft the Stinger Spear…

  • 5x Bee Fuzz
  • 1x Bee Stinger
  • 4x Silk Rope

Weevil Shield Recipe

With the new update, you can also equip the shield in one hand and the weapon in the second hand. Here are the items that you must have to craft the Weevil Shield.

  • 4x Raw Weevil Meat
  • 2x Crude Rope
  • 2x Grub Hide

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