Where To Find Water Logged Recipe Note | Grounded

The “Water Logged Recipe Note” is the main source to get the deadly weapon “Salt Morning Star” tool in the Grounded game. Basically, it is a recipe note that will unlock a new workbench tool named “Salt Morning Star” under the “Melee” tools. It is a ball-like heavy spiked hammer, which is coated with shards of salt.

Where To Find Water Logged Recipe Note?

To get Logged Recipe Note, you need to go to the SandBox area first. After reaching there, lookout for the sand palace surrounded by the water. Now dive into the water and search for the treasure chest. But when you’ll find the treasure chest, it will be locked already. Now you need to find a secret key named “Melted Moat Key” to open this chest. So please watch our video to get “Melted Moat Key”.

After getting the secret key, now it is time to open the treasure chest and get the “Water Logged Recipe Note” that will unlock the deadly weapon (Salt Morning Star) recipe.

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