All Grounded Workbench Tools and Recipes

Welcome to NeedForGaming. This article contains a complete list of All Grounded Workbench Tools and their recipes. Each tool needs different ingredients to craft and has a different use. For example, you can not break a bunch of sap with an axe. You’ll need a hammer to do so. In this article, you’ll also know how to get or obtain the tools recipe and craft them. So, let’s take a look at all workbench tools and their recipes.

Note: – All these tools can only be crafted on the Workbench. If you don’t have one then check out post how to craft a workbench in grounded game.

All Grounded Workbench Tools List

Here is the complete list of all workbench tools that you can craft in the Grounded game…

  • Insect Axe
  • Insect Hammer
  • Bratburst
  • Mint Mallet
  • Insect Bow
  • Armor Glue
  • Super Armor Glue
  • Ant Club
  • Feather Arrow
  • Spider Fang Dagger
  • Larva Blade
  • Mosquito Needle
  • Bone Dagger
  • Bone Trident

All Workbench Tools Recipes

Here are the recipes of all the Workbench Tools and how you can obtain the recipe…

Insect Axe Recipe

To get this recipe, you’ll need to kill a Ladybug first and collect its head. Analyze the ladybug head at the nearby Field station. After that, collect the given items to craft the axe…

  • Ladybug Head x1
  • Bombardier Part x3
  • Silk Rope x4

For more details, check “How to Craft Insect Axe in Grounded

Insect Hammer Recipe

The Best tool to break pebbles, sap, and quartzite in the game. This Recipe can be obtained by analyzing a stinkbug part or the boiling gland. For crafting of the hammer, you’ll also need the following items…

  • Stinkbug Part x4
  • Berry Leather x4
  • Boiling Gland x1

For more detail regarding the hammer recipe, check “How To Get Insect Hammer In Grounded

Bratburst Recipe

Use this tool as a bomb in the game. You can get this recipe by analyzing the ant egg. To craft the Bratburst, collect the items given below…

  • Fungal Growth x2
  • Ant Egg x1
  • Dry Grass Chunk x4

Mint Mallet Recipe

To get this recipe, you need to collect some mint chunks and analyze them. Collect the following items to craft the mint mallet…

  • Mint Chunk x5
  • Flower Petal x8
  • Web Fiber x9

Insect Bow Recipe

The Insect bow is useful in shooting the targets from a long range. To get the insect bow recipe, you’ll need spider fangs. For that, kill a wolf Spider first. After that, collect the items below…

Armor Glue Recipe

This tool is a useful one in repairing your damaged armor. You’ll need the items given in the list below to craft this tool…

  • Mite Fuzz x3
  • Sap x2
  • Crude Rope x1

Super Armor Glue Recipe

This glue is useful in repairing more complex armors. Collect the given items to craft the tool…

  • Berry Leather x1
  • Web Fiber x4

Ant Club Recipe

Ant club is a heavy tool that is perfect to beat some big targets like spiders and stinkbugs. Collect some ant parts and mandibles to get this recipe. You’ll also need the given ingredients for this recipe…

  • Ant Part x4
  • Crude Rope x2
  • Ant Mandibles x2

Feather Arrow Recipe

This arrow is made of crow feather and provides great damage. Get a crow feather piece to obtain this recipe. The list contains items to make this recipe…

  • Crow Feather Piece x1
  • Silk Rope x2

Spider Fang Dagger Recipe

To get this recipe, you have to collect a spider fang and analyze it. For crafting, collect the given items…

  • Spider Fang x1
  • Silk Rope x3
  • Spider Venom x4

Larva Blade Recipe

This recipe is obtained by collecting the Larva Spike. To craft the larva blade, collect the items given below…

  • Larva Spike x2
  • Grub Hide x3
  • Acid Gland x1

Mosquito Needle Recipe

The mosquitos are added in the New Grounded Game update with some other insects. To get the mosquito needle recipe, kill a mosquito and collect its Beak. To kill a mosquito in Grounded, you need to find them first. Normally Mosquitoes like wet places like lake shore and water pits. When you find any mosquito, pick-up tire 2 insect bow to kill it and grab its body parts. The given list contains the other ingredients that you need to craft this tool…

  • Mosquito Beak x2
  • Silk Rope x2
  • Mosquito Blood Sack x2

Bone Dagger Recipe

To get this recipe, find the sunken bone at the depth of the pond. When you get this recipe, collect the given items to craft this dagger…

  • Sunken Bone x2
  • Silk Rope x2
  • Diving bell Spider Chunk x2

Bone Trident Recipe

This trident recipe can be obtained by analyzing the sunken bone. After that, collect the given items…

  • Sunken Bone x3
  • Silk Rope x3
  • Diving bell Spider Chunk x3

These are the all Workbench tools available in the Grounded game. If there will be an addition of other workbench tools then we’ll update this post.

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