All Workbench Tools List In Grounded

Workbench Tools play an important role when we are trying to survive in the Grounded game. This article contains a complete list of all workbench tools and their recipes, you can craft. Each tool needs different ingredients to craft and has a different use. For example, you can not break a bunch of sap with an Axe. You’ll need a hammer to do so. In this article, you’ll also know how to get or obtain the tools recipe and craft them.

Note: – All of these tools can only be crafted on the Workbench. If you don’t have one then check out the post on how to make a workbench in the Grounded game.

All Workbench Tools List & Their Recipes

So, let’s take a look at all workbench tools and their recipes. There is a total of Eight types of tools in the game that you can craft using a Workbench production gear item.

  1. MELEE

Melee Tools

Here is the list of all Melee tools that you can craft in the Grounded game…

  • Mint Mace
  • Club of the Mother Deamon
  • Antlion Greatsword
  • Salt Morning Star
  • Spicy Coaltana Sword
  • Stringer Spear
  • Red Ant Club
  • Spider Fang Dagger
  • Mosquito Needle
  • Black Ant Sword
  • Larva Blade

Mint Mace

Mint Mace is a giant hammer crafted from a chunk of ice caps breath mints. Players can use it only for insect-killing but useless for busting. You will need the following ingredients to craft it.

  • Mint Glob x5
  • Silk Rope x9
  • Flower Petal x8

Club of the Mother Deamon

A spiked hammer build for violence. It has good damage, speed, and Stun. To craft this hammer, you need some BroodMother parts.

  • Broodmother Venom x1
  • Broodmother Fang x2
  • Broodmother Chunk x2

Antlion Greatsword

An incredibly large and heavy sword build for multiple purposes with enhanced speed and good damage. To craft Antlion Greatsword, you need to kill an Antlion insect and grab its body parts.

  • AntLion Pincer x7
  • AntLion Parts x3
  • Silk Rope x3

Salt Morning Star

The “Salt Morning Star” is a heavy spiked ball hammer coated in shards of salt to ensure whatever it hits feels excruciating pain.

  • Salt Glob x2
  • Gum Nugget x2
  • Sickely Roly Poly Part x3

Spicy Coaltana Sword

The best sharp edges deadly weapon ever crafted. It gives a huge damage rate and fighting speed. So find these items to craft the Spicy Coaltana Sword.

  • Spicy Globe
  • Bug Gloop
  • Coal Chunk

Stinger Spear

A spear that is made up of bee stinger and fuzz that makes it supreme stabbing apparatus.

  • Bee Stinger x1
  • Bee Fuzz x5
  • Silk Rope x4

Red Ant Club

The “Red Ant club” is a heavy tool that is perfect to beat some big targets like spiders and stinkbugs. Collect some ant parts and mandibles to get this recipe. You’ll also need the given ingredients for this recipe…

  • Ant Part x4
  • Crude Rope x2
  • Ant Mandibles x2

Spider Fang Dagger

To get this recipe, you have to collect a spider fang and analyze it. For crafting, collect the given items…

  • Spider Fang x1
  • Silk Rope x3
  • Spider Venom x4

Mosquito Needle Recipe

The mosquitos were added in the flying creature game update with some other insects. To get the mosquito needle recipe, kill a mosquito and collect its Beak. To kill a mosquito in Grounded, you need to find them first. Normally Mosquitoes like wet places like lakeshores and water pits. When you find any mosquito, pick up the tire 2 insect bow to kill it and grab its body parts. The given list contains the other ingredients that you need to craft this tool…

  • Mosquito Beak x2
  • Silk Rope x2
  • Mosquito Blood Sack x2

Black Ant Sword

A clean blade with the impressive cutting power of Ants. To craft this sword, you need some black Ant parts.

  • Black Ant Mandibles x2
  • Balck Ant parts x3
  • Berry Leather x4

Larva Blade Recipe

This recipe is obtained by collecting the Larva Spike. To craft the larva blade, collect the items given below…

  • Larva Spike x2
  • Grub Hide x3
  • Acid Gland x1

Busting Tools

The busting tools are very useful to break much stronger parts of insects and other ingredients like hot Chachas candy in the game.

Insect Hammer Recipe

The Best tool to break pebbles, sap, and quartzite in the game. This Recipe can be obtained by analyzing a stinkbug part or the boiling gland. For crafting the insect hammer, you’ll need the following items…

  • Stinkbug Part x4
  • Berry Leather x4
  • Boiling Gland x1

For more detail regarding the hammer recipe, please check “How To Get Insect Hammer In Grounded

Chopping Tools

The chopping tools are required to cut in-game grasses, trees ( husky weed), and clover leaves. There are two chopping tools in the game.

  1. Temite Axe
  2. Insect Axe
  3. Pebblet Axe

The “Pebblet Axe” can be crafted without using Workbench gear rather than Insect Axe.

Termite Axe

An Axe made of the super sharp mandibles of a termite and a bug gloop. It is a tier 3 Axe with good damage and speed. You need to collect the following items in order to craft it.

  • x2 Termite Chompers
  • x3 Termite Parts
  • 4x Bug Gloop

Insect Axe Recipe

To get this recipe, you’ll need to kill a Ladybug first and collect its head. Analyze the ladybug head at the nearby Field station. After that, collect the given items to craft the Axe.

  • Ladybug Head x1
  • Bombardier Part x3
  • Silk Rope x4

Digging Tools

Digging tools help to dig hidden treasure chests and mysterious key items. The grounded game has two digging tools.

  1. Black Ant Shovel
  2. Acorn Shovel

Black Ant Shovel

The Black Ant Shovel is a very useful tool that is used to dig some goodies and mysterious key items like the “Melted Moat” key near the sandbox area. You will need the following ingredients to craft it.

  • Black Ant Parts x3
  • Black Ant Mandibles x2
  • Black Ant Head x1

Ranged Tools

The Ranged tools include bow, arrow, and crossbow weapon tools.

  1. Insect Bow
  2. Crow Crossbow
  3. Feather Arrow

Insect Bow

A high-quality bow made of sturdy wolf spider chunks. The Insect bow is useful in shooting targets from a long range. To get the insect bow recipe, you’ll need spider fangs. For that, kill a wolf Spider first and then collect the items below…

Crow Crossbow

The Crow Crossbow is made out of crow feathers. You will need the following ingredients to craft it.

  • Crow Feather Pieces x6
  • Acron Shell x4
  • Silk Rope X4

Feather Arrow Recipe

This arrow is made of crow feathers and provides great damage. Get a crow feather piece to obtain this recipe. The list contains items to make this recipe…

  • Crow Feather Piece x1
  • Silk Rope x2

Explosive Tools

Explosive tools are very powerful and used to make an explosion. Sometimes during the game-play players get stuck because of some obstacles like large rocks in front of the lab’s doors. Then they can use these explosives to get rid of the obstacles and make a free path.

Bratbrust Explosive Tool

An incendiary sausage stuffed with reactive fungus and a dray grass that lays waste in small chunks. Use this tool as a bomb in the game. You can get this recipe by analyzing the ant egg. To craft the Bratbrust Explosive bomb, you need the following ingredients.

  • Fungal Growth x9
  • Red Ant Egg x1
  • Dry Grass Chunk X4

Shield Tools

The shield protects you from a strong insect. Players can use shield tools to block and defend themself from dangerous insect attacks.

Black Ant Shield

A sturdy shield made of black and red Ant parts.

  • Black Ant Part x5
  • Red Ant Part x10
  • Berry Leather x4

Under Water Tools

  1. Bone Dagger
  2. Bone Trident
  3. Slime Lantern

Bone Dagger Recipe

To get this recipe, find the sunken bone at the depth of the pond. When you get this recipe, collect the given items to craft this dagger…

  • Sunken Bone x2
  • Silk Rope x2
  • Diving bell Spider Chunk x2

Bone Trident Recipe

This trident recipe can be obtained by analyzing the sunken bone. After that, collect the given items…

  • Sunken Bone x3
  • Silk Rope x3
  • Diving bell Spider Chunk x3

Slime Lantern

A lantern made up of hydrophobic materials and slime mold. Players can use this lantern to explore the depth of the pond area.

  • Slime Mold Stalk x4
  • Eelgrass Strand x4
  • Lilypad Wax x4

These are the all Workbench tools available in the Grounded game. If there will be an addition of other workbench tools then we’ll update this post.

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