How To Become Impostor In Among Us

Every player who plays Among Us wants to become an Impostor in the game. As there are a total of ten players in one match that reduces the chances of becoming an impostor. Most of the players are assigned as the role of crew-mate in that match. In this post, we’ll tell how to become and win as Impostor in Among Us game.

How To Play as an Impostor in Among Us?

How To Play as an Impostor in Among Us

Let me tell you one thing clearly that there is no specific method to become an impostor in the game. Here, we’ll provide some methods that will increase your chances to play as an impostor. Apart from this, there is no other way that you can become an impostor in the game.

How To Become Impostor In Every Game?

Impostor is an interesting role in the game, so every player wants to play as an impostor in every game. As we told above that there is no particular method that you can become impostor in every game. You can only do it in the free-play mode. Otherwise, in the online matches there is very less chance to play an impostor.

If you follow the given steps, it will increase your chances to become an impostor maximum time…

Method 1 :-

In this method, you can increase your chances of becoming an imposter by increasing the number of imposters in the match. You can select upto maximum of three imposter per match. When you select three imposter in a single match, it will increase your chances to become an imposter by 30%.

Method 2

Select the freeplay mode in the game and get into the spaceship.There are bots in the freeplay that you can play with and practice for playing as an imposter. The freeplay mode allows you to become imposter every time. So, it is an best method to play as an imposter for every game.

To play as an imposter in Freeplay mode, enter into the game and move to the nearby computer. Customize the settings and you’ll see a window like this. Click on the “Be_Imposter.exe” option on the computer system and become the imposter for every-time. When you click on the option, there appears a tick option like shown in the image.