How To Build Crafting Table In Minecraft?

Hello there! Welcome to our post “How To Build Crafting Table In Minecraft“. If you want to craft something in Minecraft then workbench is mandatory. Workbench is an important item in the game that will help you in crafting different items like beds and more. By default crafting table has 2×2 grid. But they aren’t enough to create other items like craft a bed in Minecraft.

In this post, you’ll get simple steps to create your crafting grid in the table. Stay tuned to the post and, create your table easily.

Items Required To Crafting Table

You just need to collect some wooden planks from nearby trees. You can easily chop the trees and collect wooden logs from them. After that, open the crafting menu by pressing “E” and enter the wooden logs in the boxes. Then collect the planks from the items and add them into your inventory. You only need 4 wooden planks to craft a crafting table.

Steps To Create Crafting Table in Minecraft

Follow the given steps to create your crafting table and increase your crafting grid, whatever you want to…

  1. Firstly, open the crafting menu by pressing E in the game.
  2. Then select the wooden planks from the inventory.
  3. Select and add the planks in the small boxes of the crafting menu one by one.
  4. When you add the planks in the boxes then you’ll find your Crafting Table as the result.
  5. Now click on the crafting table and add it in your inventory.
  6. If you want to use the table in less time then add it to the bottom of the inventory.
  7. You can easily select the table by scrolling the mouse or by clicking on 1-9 numbers that you have assigned to the table.
  8. Use your table and craft whatever you want to.

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