How To Craft A Bed In Minecraft?

Hello there! Welcome to our post “How To Craft A Bed In Minecraft” that will guide you in crafting bed in Minecraft. If you are new to Minecraft then this post is just for you. As you know, beds are the basic items that you need to sleep in.

The same is the case here, you’ll need the bed to spend the night. The monsters wake up at the night and hurt you if you don’t have an arrangement for sleeping. When you craft your own bed then you can sleep anywhere you want and spend the night.

Items Required To Craft Bed!

For the crafting of a bed, you’ll need the first a 3×3 crafting table, two items: Wooden planks & Wool. For the planks, you’ll need to chop down a tree and collect the wooden logs. Then craft some wooden planks from it and collect them in your inventory. You can make the planks on the crafting menu by simply pressing “E“.

After that, go and collect some wool from the sheep roaming near the village. You can collect any color of wool and craft the bed. For the bed, you’ll need three pieces of wool.

Steps To Make A Bed In Minecraft

Below is the list of steps that will help you in crafting a bed in the game…

  1. Open your crafting menu by pressing the right click on the mouse.
  2. It will open the table with 3×3 boxes on the screen.
  3. You need to add the planks in the third row of the crafting table.
  4. Pick and add the wool in the middle row of the table as shown above in the image.
  5. Now, your bed is ready. You have to click on it and pick into your inventory.
  6. You can also add it to the bottom line of the inventory to easily use your bed.
  7. Meanwhile, you can also scroll with mouse and select the bed to use.

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