How To Craft A Lead In Minecraft

Hello there! Welcome to our post “How To Craft A Lead In Minecraft” that’ll help you in crafting Lead. Lead is an important constituent that is useful in taming the animals. You can craft the lead for all the consoles like PC, PS3, PS4, and XBOX. If you are owing to breed some animals then lead may be useful to tame them with the fences.

Items Required To Craft Lead-In Minecraft

You should have the following items mentioned in the list that are required to craft the lead…

  • String x4
  • Slimeball x1

You have to collect the string first to make the lead. It is easily available in the spider caves inside the mountains. Just go there, kill some spiders and collect the strings from the spider web. If you are lucky then you’ll get strings in the treasure boxes of the village houses. Don’t forget to check them for some loot.

Slimeballs are made of slime mobs that are simply available in the forest biome or in plain grounds. These are just structures on the ground that you have to collect. When you hit the mobs, it’ll provide you slime balls that you need to craft the lead.

Steps To Craft Lead-In Minecraft

Steps To Craft Lead-In Minecraft
Steps To Craft Lead

Below is the list in which you’ll be provided with simple steps that’ll help you in crafting the lead in Minecraft…

  • Firstly, open the crafting table by pressing the “E” button.
  • Now Open the inventory and drag the four strings from your inventory.
  • Add the strings as shown in the above image.
  • Select the slime-ball now and add it in the middle of the crafting table.
  • In the result box of the table, the lead will be available.
  • Pick and drag it to your inventory in the game.
  • Now, the lead is ready to tame animals like cows, sheep, and horses.

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