How to Craft Pebblet Axe in Grounded?

Axe is one of the important tools in Grounded required to chop grass and kill insects like ants, spiders, and others. There are many missions in Grounded that require Axe to complete the objectives. So, you need to know how to craft Axe in Grounded to complete such missions. You can also throw the Axe to attack enemies and also dismantle it.

Items Required to Craft Pebblet Axe

Items Required to Craft Pebblet Axe
The “Pebblet Axe” Ingredients

You need the following ingredients to craft a “Pebblet Axe”…

  • Sprig x3
  • Pebblet x2
  • Crude Rope x1

You must remind one point that you have to collect one of these items first to get Pebblet Axe in your Tools. I was also confused at starting of the game that how to craft the Axe. When I get these items in my inventory then Axe is automatically added to the Tools list.

How to Craft Pebblet Axe in Grounded?

How to Craft Pebblet Axe in Grounded
Craft Pebblet Axe

Follow the simple steps given below to craft Axe in Grounded…

  • Firstly, collect all the above items then go the “Crafting Menu”.
  • Select the Pebblet Axe and then a menu appears like shown in the image.
  • Now Click on the “Craft” button. Hence your chopping tool “Axe” is ready to use.

Advantage of Axe in Grounded

There are various advantages of Axe which are as follows…

  • Used as a chopping tool to cut down grass.
  • Also used for attacking enemies.
  • Used to build Shelter for the Avatar.

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