How To Craft Roasting Spit In Grounded

If you play Grounded then Food is an essential item you need to survive. This guide will help you out in cooking food and crafting a spit for cooking.

What is Roasting Spit? Roasting Spit is a cooking tool that you can cook. You can prepare different recipes on the spit. But, we basically use it for roasting meat of different bugs.

How To Craft Roasting Spit?

Roasting Spit

To craft Roasting Spit in the Grounded you need to first collect the following three items…

  • 4x Pebblet
  • 4x Sprig
  • 3x Dry Grass Chunk

You can easily find these items near your lab stations. A chopping tool like Pebblet Axe is required to cut the dry grass and make chunks. These chunks are like woven fiber. When you cut the dry grass then these chunks fall automatically and collect them.

Now, look for a place where you can build the Spit and then open the Crafting Menu. Select Meal Preparation from the Navigation Menu on the top. Then select “Roasting Spit” and click on the Construct button. Then the construction placing menu will appear which allows you to place it where you want.

When you complete the crafting of the Roasting Spit then you can roast meat on it whenever you want.

How To Roast Raw Food in Grounded?

A roasted Aphid
A Roasted Aphid

Cooking or roasting food in the Grounded game is very easy. Firstly, you need to craft the Roasting Spit and then get some fresh meat from a creature like GNAT GRUB, and APHID. The meat should be fresh because it will spoil the next day. So, remember that. Then go to your Roasting Spit and Light it by pressing the button. After lighting it, go near and click on the Cook button. This will open your inventory and select the meat that you have brought to roast. When the roasting is done, take the roasted meat and eat it when your avatar is hungry.

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