How To Craft Workbench in Grounded

Want to upgrade your tools and craft more things in Grounded. Then Workbench is the essential thing you will need. This guide will teach you that How to Craft a Workbench in Grounded with simple steps.

There are plenty of tools and items that you can craft on Workbench and also upgrade them. Workbench is used for advanced level of crafting and help you in easy crafting of items which contains Workbench icon on them.

Items required to Craft Workbench

Items required to Craft Workbench In Grounded

You will need following items to craft Workbench. You can easily find these items nearby the grass jungle. The items are…

  • 3x Grass Planks
  • 4x Sprigs
  • 2x Sap

Assemble all these items first before you go to the next step. You will not any tools to collect springs and sap. Springs are the small plants on the ground and you can find sap on the wooden sticks or beneath the Oak tree.

To harvest the Grass Planks, you will need a chopping tool like Pebblet Axe. If you don’t know how to get it then check out our post How to craft Pebblet Axe in Grounded.

Step By Step Guide To Craft Workbench In Grounded?

Craft Workbench

Crafting an Workbench after collecting the above items is very easy. Just follow these simple steps to craft an workbench…

  • Open your crafting Menu and Look for the “Utilities” option.
  • In the Utilities, search for the Workbench.
  • Now click on the “Craft” button then a Construction placement Menu will appear.
  • Now, place it wherever you want.
  • After selecting the final place, Build the workbench there.
  • Your workbench is now ready for use.

When you finish crafting the workbench. It unlocks various tools that you can craft. So, go and collect the ingredients and make whatever you want to.

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