How To Craft Woven Fiber in Grounded?

Woven Fiber is an important thing to crafting many important tools like Torch, Axe, etc. If you are facing problems in crafting woven fiber, then we will tell about How to craft Woven Fiber in Grounded. It is quite simple, just follow this post to know all about it.

Ingredients Required To Craft Woven Fiber!

You need to collect these items before you start crafting for Woven Fiber…

  • Plant Fiber

Plant Fibers are pretty small plants of different sizes and available in the map. You can find them on the ground in the form of grasses. These are very important because they are used to craft the Fiber, Bandages, and many other items in grounded game.

Step By Step Guide: How To Craft Woven Fiber In Grounded!

You can easily craft it by following given steps…

Step 1. Collect Plant fiber

Grounded Plant Fiber
Plant Fiber

Firstly, you need to find 3 units of plant fiber. It is like a small growing plant on the ground with a very small size as you see above in the picture.

Step 2. Go to the Science Lab

Grounded Science Lab
Science Lab

Now take these plant fibers to the small science lab where you have to analyze them. This will take you one step closer in crafting the Woven Fiber.

Step 3. Analyze the Plant fiber in Resource Analyzer

Access the resource analyzer and click on the plant fiber that you have collected. It will provide a new recipe in your crafting menu that is of Woven Fiber. After analyzation go to the crafting menu.

Step 4. Craft The Woven Fiber

Craft Woven Fiber In Grounded
Craft Woven Fiber

Open your crafting menu and select the Woven Fiber. Then click on the “Craft” button to craft the fiber. After this, Woven Fiber will be placed in the crafting menu.

Uses Of Woven Fiber

Woven fiber is an main constituent or ingredients of many items available in Grounded. Some of the items made by Woven Fiber are following…

  • Used to make Axe
  • Used to make Torch

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