How To Get Ant Egg In Grounded

Ant Eggs are very rare to find in grounded because these are only found in the Anthills where all the ants live. If you need eggs, follow our post “How to get Ant Egg in Grounded.

There are a lot of ants in the anthills that will not allow you to enter the hill. First of all, let me tell you there are very few chances that you will find eggs in the cave. If you follow our post then you can easily get an ant egg without having problems. Because let me tell you how ants can give you eggs.

A Complete Guide: How To Get An Ant Egg In Grounded

First of all, make your way to the anthill where all the ants live. There is also abandoned ant hill, don’t go there because you will find nothing there except 3-4 soldier ants. Ant Hill is on the north-west of the map. When you reach there you will find an ant cave that looks like this.

You have to mark the Anthill on the West side of the map. For that, go to BURG.L, and then it will give you a task to landmark the Western Anthill. So, you have to search for the hill and Construct a Flag with Sprigs and Woven Fiber. When you start Constructing then the ants will attack you. So, kill them all and go inside the Ant Cave.

Ant Eggs in Grounded
Ant Eggs

Now turn on the torch because there is too much dark in the cave and enter the cave. When you reach the center of the cave then you will find plenty of soldier ants. They are protecting the eggs from the trespassers. So, you have to kill these ants first to reach the next rooms where the eggs are.

If you are unable to kill these ants then you can build armor with ant parts. For that, you have to kill two or three soldier ants that are not a big task. You can use the Pebblet Axe to kill them and collect their parts. Now, craft helmet, chest armor, and leg guard with ant parts. This will make you look like ants and the ants will not attack you anymore.

After that, move to the next room where ants keep all the eggs. Search for the eggs there till you not find one. You will also find skeletons in the rooms and Rotten bee face mask. If you not find the egg there move to the next room and search there. You can also go further down in the search for more eggs.

If you are not finding any egg in the cave then you need to kill some ants which will decrease their population. So, the ants will breed more eggs to increase their population and it will increase your chances to get the eggs. The

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