How To Get Bombastic Bling In Roblox RHS

In this article, we’ll tell you how to get Bombastic Bling in the Robloxian High School game of Roblox. You just have to complete some tasks to get them for free. As we all know that an event called Ready Player Two is going on in Roblox. This Bombastic Bling is one of the seven relics that you can get through different games. So, complete the tasks to get this bombastic bling if you like this one.

What is Bombastic Bling? It is a beautiful neck accessory that you can get by completing some tasks in the Robloxian High School game.

How To Get Bombastic Bling In Roblox?

To get this accessory, follow the steps given below and equip your favorite Bombastic Bling…

  • Firstly, open the Robloxian High School game in a private VIP server.
  • Select the explore option from the settings and teleport to the school.
  • After that, move to the hall through the main door and take a left to the library.
  • Sit on the first chair on the left side of the door. Remember that, you have to sit on this chair before 8 AM.
  • When the time is over 8 o’clock, you will see that a key is placed just behind you. Pick up that key because you’ll need that key to unlock the locked classroom.
  • Make your way to the classroom now. This classroom is next to the workshop at the school.
  • Enter the room and move to the portal to teleport to the obby that you need to clear to get the Bombastic Bling. This obby is a hard one and you need a lot of patience to clear this.
  • After clearing the obby, you’ll get the Bombastic Bling as a reward.

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