How To Get Clean Water In The Grounded Game

Get Clean Water In Grounded: Water is an important component that you need to survive in the Grounded game. If you are a new player then it may be difficult to find clean water in the game. This problem of yours will be no more if you follow this post steadily and carefully to know that how to get clean water in the game.

Because every player will face this problem in Grounded as I have faced. At the start of the game, I was also not able to find the droplets. That’s the reason for making this post to make it easy for other players.

Where You will Find Clean Water?

When you are exploring the game then search for water droplets shaped like bubbles. These droplets are the main sources of clean water in Grounded. You can easily find them on grass, leaves, or even on the ground. But it is very rare to find these droplets on the ground.

Clean Water In Grounded
Clean Water

These droplets on the grass are very high from the ground. So you need to get them on the ground first. You can either punch the grass or use “Pebblet” to get them down. Aim the droplet and hit it with the Pebblet (type of stone) and look where it falls. Then move towards it and slurp it completely to keep your body hydrated again.

How To Slurp Water In Grounded
Slurp Water

There is water available on the ground too but it is bad for drinking. Because there are a lot of insects over there, which drink that water too and make it poisonous. If you drink groundwater then it will increase your hunger level and your health start to decrease.

Ground  Water In Grounded
Ground Water
Note:- If you are not finding any clean water and your character is getting dehydrated. Then you can drink that ground water as it is a case of emergency. But you need to eat something just after it because your heath will decrease due to high hunger level. 

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