How To Get Free Kudos & Crowns in Fall Guys

Playing Fall Guys and want to get as many Kudos and Crowns as possible then you are at the right place. In this post, we’ll tell you how to get Kudos and Crowns in Fall Guys for free as well as with money.

Firstly, let us tell you what kudos and Crowns are. Kudos is the virtual currency of the Fall Guys required to purchase different cosmetics items in the game. Crowns are very rare chips that are also used for purchasing specific items and costumes. In this guide, you will know how can you easily gain currency in the game.

How To Get Free Kudos?

Want to purchase something unique or cosmetics from the item shop, you’ll need Kudos for that. If you have bought the Deluxe Pack of the Fall Guys then you are already provided with 10,000 kudos. You can buy the Collectors Edition on steam or any other gaming platform. There are also different Fall Guys skins that you will gain with this collectors pack.

Free Kudos In Fall Guys

There are a total of 40 Tiers in the battle pass that will unlock as you complete the mini-games. The battle pass of the Season will provide you a total of 19,500 Kudos. When you reach tier 38 then you will get 6000 Free Kudos that is a pretty high amount.

For free kudos, you have to qualify for the different rounds of the game. When you enter the game, there are a total of 60 players and some got eliminated after the first round. If you qualify for the round then you’ll gain some kudos for that. For the winner, there are more kudos and other special rewards.

How To Get Crowns?

For Crowns, you have to play a little harder, so that you can win the match. After winning the Match, you will get one Crown and sometimes other rewards too. There are many items in the Item Shop that you can only afford with Crown. Maybe, you have to play many times to win a match and get a Crown.

There are also different Tiers in the battle pass at which you can also get Crown. If you want to get them for free then you need to play hard and win the match. Players which play the game regularly have more chances to win the match earn Crown. Normal players may find it difficult to win the match and earn some. They need to keep practicing to make their way to the last round.

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