How To Get Sap In Grounded?

Face some difficulty to find Sap in different places in grounded. Then don’t worry, we will tell you about all the places where you can find sap easily.

The “Sap” is a useful ingredient for many recipes like making a torch, workbench, etc. You can also collect sap with the help of “Sap Catcher”. We are also providing a guide to building Sap Catcher and the items required for it.

Where To Find Sap in Grounded?

There are many places where you can find Sap that you will get to know here.


Firstly locate the branches or sticks that produce Sap. These sticks and branches are basically found in green grass and dry grass. Sap sticks are of Brown color and contain a sap on them that you can extract. You can collect more than one unit of sap from a single stick. Mark the location of the stick because these sticks keep producing sap. So, you can collect the sap the next day there and use it for crafting.

When you need a huge amount of sap then you can walk toward the Oaktree. There are a lot of roots and sticks available at the Oaktree that contains Sap. You can also get sap by breaking frozen pieces of sap under the roots of the Oaktree. You need to stay alert at Oaktree because there are lots of spiders that may harm you. So, get the sap quietly by not getting noticed by these spiders over there.

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How To Craft a Sap Catcher?

Sap Catcher

You will collect Sap with fewer efforts with the help of a Sap catcher. For that, you have to build a sap catcher on the sticks or roots that produce it.

First of all, you need to find two items: 1 Acorn Top and 1 Ant Mandible. Ant mandible is a part that you can get by killing a Soldier ant. You can find soldier ants at Anthill or wandering in grasses. You can make an Acorn top by breaking When you have collected both items then you can go to the crafting.

Sap Catcher in Grounded

For crafting, find a root or stick that produces sap then collect its Sap first. After collecting the Sap, go to the crafting menu and start constructing the Sap catcher. After clicking the construct button a construction placing menu will appear. Place the Catcher on the stick and keep rotating it till the red sign turns blue. When it becomes blue then click on the Construct button. Hence your Catcher is ready to collect sap.

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