How To Kill Ladybug In Grounded

Killing Bugs in Grounded is not quite easy because they can kill you in just one attack. So, you need to build up your armor and tools to fight with these bugs and insects. In this post, we will tell you “How to kill Ladybug in Grounded“. The “ladybug” is a simple and innocent insect in this game and it will not harm you until you won’t provoke it. If you tease her then she can become more dangerous to you so be careful.

First of all, you need to know why to kill “Ladybug” in Grounded game. Because it’s body parts can provide us many new crafting ideas like Tier 2 “Insect Axe” and to build an armor.

To kill the Ladybug, you will need a tool like a spear, Pebblet Axe, and Bow. You can easily find the “Ladybug” near the Oak-Tree. It can also be seen near the flower plants. Ladybugs remain calm and not attack you till you interact or hit them. Once you hit them they will hit you with their head with the full force. So, we will help you to kill the Ladybug easily.

Tips & Tricks To Kill Ladybug

Firstly, attract the ladybug and take it to a place with lots of grass. Now use your Spear or Insect Bow to hit the Ladybug. One thing to be noted, what! Stay alert and keep moving or jumping to not get attacked by the Ladybug. It deals heavy damage in just one hit of its head. You can save yourself by remaining behind the ladybug.

How to Kill Ladybug in Grounded
Kill Ladybug

These are the following tricks, which will help you to kill the Ladybug very easily…

Trick 1. You need to bring Ladybug near a plant and first, you should stand behind the plant. It will make you safe from the attacks of the Ladybug. Make sure that when the Ladybug attacks you then its head should be stuck in the plant. After that, it will no longer be able to move or hit you. Now, hit it many times till it dies.

Trick 2. You can also bring the Ladybug to a place where you can shoot with it Bow. There are many places where you can climb and it can not. It will give you the advantage to hit the Ladybug with arrows and kill it.

Trick 3. You can also interact with the Ladybug and take it in front of the “Orb Weaver” which you can easily find near the Oak-Tree. When you do that, these two start fighting and will give the advantage of killing them both. Because they will decrease the health of one another and you not need to put extra effort into killing them.

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