How to Make a Fishing Rod in Minecraft

Hello there! In this post, you’ll get a simple guide “How to Make a Fishing Rod” in Minecraft. The Fishing rod is an important tool in Minecraft by which you can catch fishes. You may find it difficult to collect ingredients for making the rod. But, we’ll tell you how you can easily get them.

Items Required To Craft Fishing Rod In Minecraft

You will need the below listed items to craft the fishing rod in Minecraft…

First of all make a crafting table with the help of wooden planks. You can get wooden planks from the logs of the trees.

For the wooden sticks, add make two wooden planks firstly. Then select them from the inventory and add to the crafting table in a column. Pick the wooden sticks from the table and add them to the inventory.

For string, you need to find the spiders or the mines in the mountains. You can get the string by killing the spiders nearby. For more strings, move to the mines and collect as the string as many you want.

Steps to Craft Fishing Rod In Minecraft

Steps to Craft Fishing Rod In Minecraft

The given list contains the easy steps that’ll guide you to craft the fishing rod in the game…

  • First of all, open the crafting table that you have crafted.
  • Now, open your inventory and select the sticks.
  • Drag these sticks in the crafting table like a diagonal as shown in the above image.
  • Select the string now and add it to the extreme right column of the table.
  • Pick the crafted rod from the result and catch some fishes.

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