Minecraft Blast Furnace Recipe : How To Make Blast Furnace

Hello there! Welcome to our post “Blast Furnace Recipe” that’ll guide you in making the blast furnace. When you proceed for advanced crafting than Blast Furnace is an essential tool. This furnace will help you in crafting different items for your villages, homes, and more. In this tutorial, you’ll get step-by-step instructions for the Blast Furnace recipe.

Requirements For Blast Furnace Recipe

You will need the given items to easily craft the blast furnace in Minecraft…

You need to craft a furnace as it is required to craft the blast furnace. For iron bars, collect some iron ore and go to the furnace. Add the iron ore to the furnace and use some coal or wood to start the furnace. After that, pick the iron bars and add them to the inventory. You can get easily get the smooth stones by heating the cobblestone in the furnace.

Steps To Make Blast Furnace In Minecraft

Steps To Make Blast Furnace In Minecraft

Below is the list of steps that’ll help you in crafting the blast furnace…

  • First of all, open the crafting table in the game.
  • Open your inventory, select the furnace and drag it to the center of the crafting table.
  • After that, drag the five iron bars and put them in the top & middle row.
  • In the bottom row, add the three smooth stones.
  • Now, you can find your blast furnace as result in the crafting table.
  • Pick the furnace and add to your inventory.
  • The blast furnace is now ready to use. You can craft anything you want in the blast furnace.

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