How To Make Smooth Stone In Minecraft

With the help of Smooth Stone, you can easily craft different ingredients for some recipes In Minecraft. For the easy making of the smooth stone, follow the guide completely and carefully.

Requirements To Make a Smooth Stone

You will need the following items mentioned in the list…

  • Cobblestone
  • Furnace
  • Coal or Wood

Cobblestones are required to make the furnace that burns the stone. If you already have the furnace then you are ready to go. But if you don’t then below are the steps that will help you in crafting the Furnace.

How-To Craft a Furnace

Steps To Craft Furnace In Minecraft

These steps will help you in crafting the furnace easily…

  • Open your Crafting table that you have.
  • Drag and add the Cobblestone in the crafting table as shown in the image.
  • Then you’ll see the Furnace as the result in table.
  • Pick it up and add to your inventory.
  • Hence, your furnace is ready to use and craft anything you want.

Steps To Craft Smooth Stone In Minecraft

Steps To Craft Smooth Stone In Minecraft

After collecting all the above items, there is nothing more to do. Just follow the given steps to make your first stone…

  • Open the Furnace and add some coal or wood to burn the stone.
  • Add the cobblestone in the above section of the furnace.
  • You can see the burning of the stone in the furnace.
  • When it is done, pick the resultant stone to the inventory.
  • Pick the stone and add it again to the furnace.
  • After burning it again, pick it and add to your inventory.
  • Hence, at last your first smooth stone is ready to use.

How-To Make Smooth Stone Slab?

How To Make Smooth Stone Slab In Minecraft

When you have made the stone then you can go to advance crafting. It is the best item that you can craft for decoration.

Follow the given steps to easily craft the smooth stone slabs in Minecraft…

  • Firstly go to the crafting table and use it.
  • Add three smooth stones in the bottom line of the table.
  • You’ll find six slabs of smooth stones as result.
  • Pick and drag them to your inventory.

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