How To Mine Gold & Gems In Noob Army Tycoon

In the new game update, the creator of “Noob Army Tycoon” The MLG Gang group has released a new game map with lots of new locations. In this game update, they introduced a new mining location where you can mine lots of free Gold and Gems which will work as a virtual currency in the game. The Gems and Gold can be used to buy in-game pets, hats, and crates. You can find this new location just beside the large noob statue.

How-To Build Gold & Gems Mine?

Firstly, reach the mine location by using a boat as you see in the given picture. Now jump on the plane platform and look out for two blue color buttons.

Noob Army Tycoon Gold & Gems Mine Location
Gold & Gems Mine Location

Now go near these buttons and buy both gold and gem mines. Both the Gold mine and Gem’s mine will cost you about 10,000$ Money & Research Points. After that, buy a Gold miner for 20,000$ money and a Gems miner for 40,000$ Money. While you can buy more miners but they will cost you about 80,00,000$ Money. So first collect enough money and then try to buy them or read our Roblox Noob Army Tycoon Game Guide for more information.

These miners help you mine gold and gems. The gold mine will produce +20,000 $ Money every 600 seconds. While Gems mine will produce +5 gems every 600 seconds. So in this way, you can mine or get Gold & Gems In the Noob Army Tycoon game.

After setting up both mines, you need to buy a “Mine Port” for 2500$. The mining port will very helpful to transport your gold and gems.

Who Is Money Trader?

The “Money Trader” is a normal noob in the “Noob Army Tycoon” game whose work is to exchange gems in exchange for money. For a money trader noob, you need to buy him first near the mine location for about 5000$. After that, you can exchange 100 gems for 10,000 money.

The “Money Trader” noob has a yellow-colored boat and by using it, he can transport all collecting gems to the army base. Where you can access these gems to buy normal pets and hats creates.

Noob Army Tycoon Gems Quests

The “MLG Gang Group” announced all new gems quests including the “collect flowers” quest to earn lots of free gems as a reward. So just complete all given quests and get some free gems as a reward…

Collect 10,000 Money100 Gems
Collect 100,000 Money250 Gems
Collect 10,00,000 Money500 Gems
Collect 100,00,000 Money750 Gems
Collect 100,000,000 Money1000 Gems
Collect 100,000 Research Points250 Gems
Collect 10,00,000 Research Points500 Gems
Collect 100,00000 Research Points750 Gems
Collect 100,00000 Research Points1000 Gems
Collect 10 Kills Points100 Gems
Collect 100 Kills Points250 Gems
Collect 1000 Kills Points500 Gems
Collect 10,000 Kills Points750 Gems
Collect 100000 Kills Points1000 Gems
Open 10 Crates250 Gems
Open 50 Crates500 Gems
Open 100 Crates1000 Gems
Open 200 Crates1500 Gems
Open 500 Crates2000 Gems
Collect 10 flowers100 Gems
Collect 50 flowers250 Gems
Collect 100 flowers500 Gems
Collect 250 flowers750 Gems
Collect 1000 flowers1000 Gems

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