How To Unlock Spicy Coaltana Sword in Grounded

The “Spicy Coaltana” is a deadly Ninja Sword weapon, crafted with tempered “Spicy Glob” ingredient. It is a Tier 3 weapon with good damage, stuns, and speed. This sword had arrived during the Grounded “Into The Wood” game update. To unlock the “Spicy Coaltana Sword“, you need to find the “Charred Recipe” note first. The note will tell you how to unlock this sword.

Where To Find Charred Recipe Note?

Charred Recipe Note
Charred Recipe Note

You can find the “Charred Recipe” note inside the large charcoal briquettes bag near the blistering coals of the spilled barbecue. Once you are inside the bag, You can find this recipe note inside the charcoal briquettes bag beside the spilled barbecue. Once you are inside the bag, please be aware of the blistering coals, otherwise, they will sizzle you. Now press the “E” button to nab the Charred Recipe note. So in this way, you can get the “Charred Recipe” note.

How To Avoid From Sizzling Effect?

To avoid the sizzling effect, which will burn you to death. You have to craft Antlion’s body gears like Antlion wide brim, Antlion Poncho, which is a chest armor made of antlion parts, and last Antlion spurs. All three items will provide some sizzling protection near the Barbecue Grill Area. However, this sizzling protection will not be enough to get the “Charred Recipe” note. So you also need to add the Fresh Defense level 3 mutation that will work a little bit more to avoid the sizzling effect in the game.

How To Craft Spicy Coaltana Sword?

So now you have your Charred Recipe and it is the to craft Spicy Coaltana Sword. To craft it you need the following ingredients…

  • x2 Spicy Glob
  • x10 Bug Goop
  • x5 Ever Charcoal Chunk

Spicy Glob

To get the Spicy Glob ingredient in the Grounded, you need to exchange some raw science with the BURGL robot and purchase its recipe for 25,00 raw Science. After this, you need x4 Spicy Shards items and then bake them in the oven. So in this way you can get a Spicy Glob Ingredient in the game.

Bug Goop

You can get this ingredient from many insects like the Roly-Poly and black ox beetle bug. To find both Roly-Poly and ox beetle bugs, go to the area where lots of water have. Because it likes area with lots of green grass and water.

Ever Charcoal Chunk

The “Ever Charcoal Chunk” is the most difficult ingredient to get in the game. Because you need to activate some mutations and craft a strong body armor, which will help you from the sizzling effect. For the Charcoal Chunks, just go near the BBQ SPILL and wear Antlion armor and brake the Charcoal Chunk rock. To break the Charcoal Chunk rock, use the insect hammer tool.

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