Among Us, Tips: How To Win As The Impostor

The impostor is such a role that every action means a lot to the player who plays Among Us. Being an impostor, you simply have to kill other players and act as normal. In this post, we’ll tell about how to win as the impostor in every game. Here are some tips that you’ll find useful to win as an impostor.

Tips To Win As The Impostor In Among Us

How To Win As Impostor
Win As Impostor

If you want to win as Impostor then firstly, you have to become an Impostor in Among us. Below are some tips that will help you in winning as an Impostor if you follow them all…

Use the Vents

When you are assigned as an impostor then you will be able to hide in the vents and go to the other rooms through the vent. There are many vents in all maps where you can hide and teleport to other rooms. Firstly, hide in the vent and when the other players are nearby the vent then you can easily kill them.

Always Use The Sabotage

You can puzzle the other players using the Sabotage option. It will create some issues in some parts of the spaceship and the players will run to the area with complications. Now, hide in the vents and when the player is fixing the issue, you can easily kill him.

Beware of the Cameras

There are cameras placed in maximum rooms that can catch you while killing someone. So, always take a look for nearby cameras before killing someone or going into the vent. You can also kill the player in the security room first that is spying you. After that, you can go anywhere you want to go.

Act normally and Complete tasks

You have to act normal in front of other players and complete the tasks that are assigned. This will make other players believe that you are not an impostor. When you find any player alone than you can easily execute them.

Discuss with players

You can chat with other players in the game and discuss the matter of the meeting. Always send messages and blame other players that you saw them killing someone. It will make other players believe that you are not an impostor.

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