Investigate The Mysterious Machine In Grounded | Part 2

Hey there, welcome to our post related “How to investigate the mysterious machine in Grounded (Part-2). In the first part, we are talking about the mysterious machine and its lasers.

We have told you all about the machine and fixed all the lasers. Let me remind you that the last objective was in the mite cave where all the mites are killed. Now, in the Second Part, we are going to tell you what you have to do after that. Follow all the steps below very carefully.

Investigate The Mysterious Machine Further In Grounded

Investigate The Mysterious Machine Futher in Grounded
Investigate The Mysterious Machine

After killing all the mites in the mite cave, make your way towards the machine. When you reach the machine then you have to find the “Activate” button. This button is next to the “Target” Button and then press it. It will suddenly increase the current supply to the lasers and the lasers supplies a lot of light to the machine. This results in a huge explosion near the Oak tree and will complete the first objective.

Investigate the Explosion At Oak Tree

Investigate the Explosion At Oak Tree
Oak Tree Explosion

When the mysterious machine got damaged after activating it and cause an explosion at the Oak Tree. So, you have to find a way toward the explosion and investigate it. It is a big tree in the North Side of the Map. The explosion is on the Riverside beneath the Oak tree. Make a way to enter the explosion site then you will find a computer lab that is in bad condition.

Search the Oak Lab

Search the Oak Lab in Grounded
Oak Lab

Go inside the lab and find the computer which unlocks the Closed door. It requires a chip named “BTU 01” to access the computer. Now, access the computer and turn all the orange switches to green then Pull the Liver. It will open the door of the next part of the lab.

When you open the door then there will be a Robot “TAYZ.T” which attacks you with its special ability. You have to kill it first then help the Robot BURG.L. BURG.L is the robot that stays in the Oak Lab and works there. You will unlock it in this objective and it will provide a lot of new quests to answer your questions.

After unlocking BURG.L, new objectives will be unlocked in the lab. You can help BURG.L in the projects and also trade with it.

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