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League of Legends Wiki: It is a game in which two teams with five Champions clash to destroy the bases of the rival teams. The players can select between 150 champions with different powers. When you play the game, you have to secure the kills and take down the towers on your way. You can buy the items and cosmetics in the game with the gold that you earn on your way.

League Of Legends Map
League Of Legends Map

When you start the game, you’ll spawn through a water fountain. If you die in the game then you’ll spawn at the fountain. The area in which you spawn is known as your Nexus in the game and your rivals will spawn in their nexus. There are minions also in your nexus that automatically attacks the enemy unit. The nexus of each team is the most important part that the players have to protect. If you destroy the Nexus of the rival team then you’ll win the match.

How To Use the Shop in the Game?

There is a shop in the league of legends from where you can buy or sell the items in the game. You can only access this shop when you are near the Fountain and the Nexus. You have to earn gold to purchase the items in the shop.

Who Are BARON NASHOR & DRAKES in League of Legends?

In this wiki of league of legends we are also fetching the monsters. When you reach the jungle then you’ll find two monsters named BARON NASHOR & DRAKES. Baron Nashor is the most powerful monster in the jungle that you have to kill before going ahead. If you kill the Baron monster then you’ll get rewards like bonus attack damage, ability power, empowered recall, and greatly increases the power of nearby minions.

Who are BARON NASHOR & DRAKES in League of Legends

There are four elemental drakes in the game that you’ll find in the jungle along with one elder dragon. Drakes are powerful monsters that you’ll find in the forest. You can get different rewards like bonus damage if you kill the drake monster. The reward depends upon which elemental drake you have killed.

What Are Turrets and Inhibitors in League Of Legends?

When you cross the river and go to the far side, you will find an attacking structure called Turrets. They are provided to both teams and protect their particular sides. The main work of the Turrets is to protect the Inhibitors.

What are Turrets and Inhibitors in League Of Legends
Turrets and Inhibitors

You can use the minions to get rid of these turrets and destroy the Inhibitors. When you destroy an inhibitor then super minions will spawn there for some time. The super minions will stop the rival team to enter their area and deals great damage in melee range.

Different Lanes in League Of Legends

You can use the five different lanes to attack your enemies and defend your nexus. Each lane has a different purpose and for champions with different abilities. Use the lane that calls you and do your role that can be either to defend or attack. The five lanes are given below…

  1. Top Lane – The solo fighters having good fighting skills will enter this lane and attack the enemies. The champions in this lane have to protect the lane and focus on the rival team’s most powerful champion.
  2. Jungle Lane – The champions in this lane are hunters and have good skills. Their work is to keep an eye on the most neutral monsters and attackers in the jungle.
  3. Mid Lane – The mid lane champions are the high damage bursters that can do alone. They do not take interest in the fighting but always seek a chance to kill the rival champions.
  4. Bot Lane – This lane is on the extreme right of the map and needs more protection. Bot lane champions are the dynamite of the team. They can lead the team to victory if they secure the gold before collecting it.
  5. Support Lane – The champions in the support lane protects the bot lane champions until they become strong. They are the guardians of the team and focus on keeping the teammates alive and secure maximum kills.

This is all about League of legends wiki for now when new game information will out we will add here.