Mysterious Place in Grounded Game

There are lots of places in Grounded that can surprise you but we found a Mysterious place in the game that can give a shock to you. This place is a cave-like structure in which lots of ant heads are placed on sticks. In this post, we will tell you how can you enter this place and what things are available there.

Where To find the Mysterious Place In Grounded?

First of all, go to the southwest of the map where the berry bushes are. When you reach there, move towards the rock wall that looks likes as shown in the image. You will find a lab there that will unlock when you complete the BURG.L objectives.

Where To find the Mysterious Place

Near the lab, you’ll also see a rock that is not part of the wall. A step towards the rock then you’ll find a small gap between two rocks. That’s the location where you need to reach. Craft a torch before you go inside the cave. When you go inside you will find lots of items that can terrify you. There is a structure made on the wall with the ant parts and looks pretty much horrible.

You’ll find various items in the cave that we are listing in the list below…

  • A dried Lean-On
    • There is a lean-on present over there that proves that someone has been there and spend the night.
  • A backpack with 10 Ant Heads
    • The presence of a backpack means that someone is collecting these heads for a special purpose.
  • A Rotten Ant Club
    • Ant club is a dangerous weapon that you can use to kill the different bugs.
  • A dead body
    • There is also a dead body near the ant club that looks like an ant or other small creature.
  • Ant rotten Recipe
    • You’ll find this recipe next to the dead body and also the rotten ant club.
  • Deadly structure
    • A structure made of ant parts on the wall in the cave.

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