All Mysterious Places in Grounded Game

There are lots of mysterious places in Grounded that can surprise you indeed. So in this post, we will tell you some Mysterious places in the game that can give a shock to you. Like every action-adventure survival game Grounded has many secret places, you can visit and explore. These places might be part of the upcoming future game update.

Where To Find the Mysterious Places In Grounded?

It is not easy to find a mysterious place at a first glance, you need to find them everywhere on the map. But don’t be worried we will guide you to all these mysterious places one by one.

  • Ant Head Cave
  • Four Leaf Clover Plant Cave

Ant Head Cave

This is the scariest place that we find in the game ever. It is a cave-like structure in which lots of ant heads are placed on sticks. To find this place, you need to go to the southwest of the map where the berry bushes are. When you reach there, move towards the rock wall that looks likes as shown in the image. You will find a lab there that will unlock when you complete the BURG.L objectives.

Finding Mysterious place near the Hedge lab
Finding Mysterious

Near the lab, you’ll also see a rock that is not part of the wall. A step towards the rock then you’ll find a small gap between two rocks. That’s the location where you need to reach. Craft a torch before you go inside the cave. When you go inside you will find lots of items that can terrify you. There is a structure made on the wall with the ant parts and looks pretty much horrible.

You’ll find various items in the cave that we are listing in the list below…

  • A dried Lean-On
    • There is a lean-on present over there that proves that someone has been there and spend the night.
  • A backpack with 10 Ant Heads
    • The presence of a backpack means that someone is collecting these heads for a special purpose.
  • A Rotten Ant Club
    • Ant club is a dangerous weapon that you can use to kill the different bugs.
  • A dead body
    • There is also a dead body near the ant club that looks like an ant or other small creature.
  • Ant rotten Recipe
    • You’ll find this recipe next to the dead body and also the rotten ant club.
  • Deadly structure
    • A structure made of ant parts on the wall in the cave.

Four Leaf Clover Plant Cave

The “Four Leaf Clover Plant” cave is one of the most beautiful places that you can visit and explore but be aware of the darkness. Because to reach this place you need to cross a dark cave filled with water. So make sure you have your all required gears and tools like “Torch” and “Bubble Helmet”. The Bubble Helmet helps you to hold your breath for a longer time.

Four Leaf Clover Plant Cave
Four Leaf Clover Plant Cave

This place is located near the swamp of the grassland, where a large wooden block is placed. But be aware of this place because a giant wolf spider lives here. After reaching the large wooden block, please head towards the swamp area through a large coca-cola can. Now you will reach the area with lots of clover plants, here you will find a small water pond that is the entrance of the Four Leaf Clover Plant Cave.

You’ll get the following items in the cave…

  • A Four Leaf Clover Plant
  • Coup of Grass Mutation
    • Discovering a beacon of hope in the darkness liftsyour will to survive.Bursts of inspiration flash before your eyes in the heat of battle as you land blows one can only describe as lucky