Shindo Life Ninja Tools List

The Shindo Life is going famous day by day because of the game design and its RPG concept. In this post, you’ll get complete information about the game’s tools & Weapons. There are many Ninja Tools and Weapons in Shindo Life that you can equip. Some have different effects and some are difficult to find. We’ll discuss it all in this post.

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Ninja Tools List In Shindo Life

As you level up in the game, you’ll get more tools for the game. All these Ninja tools have different purposes and unlock at different levels. You can also throw some of them. These tools have different effects with different Bloodlines of the shindo life. So, we have divided them into three different categories and made it easy for you.

Shindo Life All Weapons List

Here is a list of all the weapons in the game that you can get…

WeaponLevel ReqiredTAI PowerPricePlace
Kunai101004500 —–
Garian Blade301706,000Rock Village
Katana26030025,000 —–
Senju Raijin5502300300,0000Ember Village
White Fang5603200240,000Training Grounds
Chi Kunai5602000120,000Ember Village
Kunai Blade600550120,000Cloud Village
Omoi Blade420700120,000Cloud Village
Shippuden Kusanagi6102400210,000Rock Village
Mifune500290090,000Cloud Village
Dual-Bladed Scythe35060050,000Mist Village
Two Bladed Scythe5201700135,000Rock Village
Savage Blade6451600130,000Rock Village
Triple-Bladed Claw46045045,000 —-
Cleaver Sword34055015,000Cloud Village
Executioner Blade7603409,000Mist Village
Kiba Blades60030013,000Mist Blades
Hiramekarei620230090,000Mist Village
Hamaxe35060050,000Mist Village
Shibuki35060050,000Mist Village
Nuibari35060050,000Mist Village
Raion Kusanagi9503200270,000Leaf Village
Stone Buster8001004,500Rock Village
Shisui Tanto6402200280,000Forest Of Death
Giant Folding Fan440130070,000Sand Village
Raijin Kunai600320045,000Leaf Village
Sword Of Thunder8003200270,000Sand Village
Acrobat Style6802400300,000Cloud Village
Hashirama Blade60030013,000Rock Village
Senbon Blade500290090,000 —–
Raion Kusanagi V295032005,00,000Training Ground
Hokage Spec1000220028,00,0000Leaf Village
Chakra Rods850400010,00,000Rain Village
Dio-Senko blade800230010,00,000Ember Village

Throw-able Ninja Tools In Shindo Life

There are also some weapons in the game that you can throw. They provide a huge damage from some distance. You must use them all. Take a look at the list of all weapons that you can throw…

  • Chakra Rod Toss – This weapon requires level 850 to unlock and costs 10,00,000.
  • Dagai Bomb – This weapon requires level 210 to unlock and costs 14,000.
  • Dagai Throw – This weapon requires level 10 to unlock and costs 45,00.
  • Demon Toss – This weapon requires level 500 to unlock and costs 90,000.
  • Explosive Paper – This weapon requires a level 320 to unlock and costs 45,000.
  • Dagai Flash Bomb – This weapon requires level 160 to unlock and costs 9,000
  • Haze – You need to have demon toss for this tool and wait for 02:40 AM/PM Est. If you want to have haze for Ice Shuriken tool then the time is 10:05 AM/PM Est.
  • Kunai Throw – This weapon requires level 10 to unlock and costs 4,500.
  • Needle Toss – – This weapon requires level 600 to unlock and costs 13,000.
  • Senbon Haku – This weapon requires level 600 to unlock and costs 13,000.
  • Storm – You need to have Chi Rod toss for this tool and wait for 01:25 AM/PM Est. An Other variant of this tool is with Bat Toss then time is 03:20 AM/PM Est.
  • Shurikens – This weapon requires level 30 to unlock and costs 6,000.
  • Windmill – This weapon requires level 340 to unlock and costs 15,000.