Shindo Life Ninja Tools List | Spawn Time

Shindo Life is going famous day by day because of the game design and its RPG concept. In this post, you’ll get complete information about the game’s tools and weapons. There are many Ninja Tools and Weapons in Shindo Life that you can equip. Some have different effects and some are difficult to find. We’ll discuss it all in this post.

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Ninja Tools List In Shindo Life

As you level up in the game, you’ll get more tools for the game. All these Ninja tools have different purposes and unlock at different levels. You can also throw some of them. These tools have different effects on different Shindo life Elements. So, we have divided them into three different categories and made it easy for you.

Shindo Life All Weapons List

Here is a list of all the weapons in the game that you can get during the mission…

WeaponLevel RequiredTaijutsu PowerPrice (Ryo)PlaceSpawn TimeRarity
Acrobat Style68024003,00,000Nimbus Village09:15 AM/PM EST1/15
Air Style Fan440130070,000Dunes Village06:25 AM/PM EST1/20
Alphirama Blade79035005,00,000Obelisk Village09:40 AM/PM EST1/14
Azim Dual Senko100022,002,80,000Ember Village02:50 AM/PM EST1/100
Bankai Blade95032,005,00,000Training Ground03:25 AM/PM EST1/60
Bomb Blade62524,001,75,000Haze Village12:10 AM/PM EST1/15
Bubble Flute76025,0010,00,000Haze Village01:45 AM/PM EST1/40
Candy Blade56032,002,40,000Haze Village05:15 AM/PM EST1/25
Chi Kunai5602000120,000Ember Village02:45 AM/PM EST1/50
Christmas Shizen55023,003,00,000Nimbus Village04:45 AM/PM EST1/25
Dagai Blade202205,000
Dagai Sword6005001,60,000Dunes Village6:40 AM/PM EST1/40
Demon Scythe4601,7001,80,000Dawn Hideout12:40 AM/PM EST1/80
Dual-Bladed Scythe4201,5001,60,000Haze Village9:45 AM/PM EST1/20
Dunes Chi Blade
25006,00,000Dunes Village1:25 AM/PM EST1/25
Dual Chi Rods85040001,00,000Strom village6:20 AM/PM EST1/25
Dual Lightning6009301,65,000Haze Village9:20 AM/PM EST1/60
Dio Senko Blade80023001,00,000Ember village3:35 AM/PM EST1/45
Dual Triple Claws46020001,20,000
Electro Blade80032002,70,000Dunes Village5:50 AM/PM EST1/12
Firework Katana26030025,000Ember village4:45 AM/PM EST1/15
Forged Umpire Fan10004,0003,50,000Dawn Hideout12:00 AM/PM EST1/30
Grass Tanto50018004,50,000Dawn Hideout11:20 AM/PM EST1/16
Hamaxe4007001,30,000Haze Village09:10 AM/PM EST1/60
Haze Chi Blade50025,00600,000Haze Village03:25 AM/PM EST1/25
Heaven Blade76025,002,50,000Nimbus Village04:15 AM/PM EST1/50
Kokotsu Blade6005001,60,000Obelisk Village04:10 AM/PM EST1/20
Moon Staff79035,005,00,000Forest Of Embers01:30 AM/PM EST1/60
Needle Tanto36080053,000
Nimbus Sword76025001,50,000Nimbus Village07:20 AM/PM EST1/20
Nimbus Chi Blade50025006,00,000Nimbus Village02:25 AM/PM EST1/25
Obelisk Chi Blade50025006,00,000Obelisk Village01:25 AM/PM EST1/25
Riserdawn62023,002,10,000Haze Village08:55 AM/PM EST1/80
Rykan Blade89032,0010,00,000Haze Village05:10 AM/PM EST1/45
Savage Blade6451600130,000Obelisk Village11:25 AM/PM EST1/40
Saberu Tanto56032002,40,000Training Ground02:20 AM/PM EST1/50
Samurai Tanto58018001,70,000Nimbus Village07:45 AM/PM EST1/60
Satori Blade95032002,70,000Ember Village05:10 AM/PM EST1/30
Senko Kunai60032002,70,000Ember Village03:10 AM/PM EST1/15
Shark Sword45017003,00,000Dawn Hideout01:10 AM/PM EST1/12
Shindo Blade4207001,20,000Nimbus Village07:55 AM/PM EST1/80
Shindai Umpire Fan1,0004,0003,50,000Dawn Hideout04:15 AM/PM EST1/60
Shiver Tanto64022,002,80,000Forest Of Embers05:45 AM/PM EST1/30
Shizen Raijin55023,003,00,000Ember Village06:15 AM/PM EST1/90
Slayer Blade6402,7502,00,000Haze Village08:40 AM/PM EST1/20
Sound Flute76025,008,00,000Obelisk Village07:40 AM/PM EST1/30
Stone Buster80024002,30,000Obelisk Village10:40 AM/PM EST1/10
Sun Staff79035005,00,000Training Ground03:15 AM/PM EST1/55
Thread Blade65020002,40,000Haze Village09:30 AM/PM EST1/10
Triple Cobalt Blade5209201,10,000Obelisk Village10:25 AM/PM EST1/60
Two Bladed Scythe52017001,35,000Obelisk Village11:40 AM/PM EST1/20
Umpire Guitar62524,001,75,000Obelisk Village11:10 AM/PM EST1/45

Throwable Ninja Tools In Shindo Life

There are also some weapons in the game that you can throw. They provide huge damage from some distance. You must use them all. Take a look at the list of all weapons that you can throw…

WeaponLevelSpawn LocationSpawn TimePrice (Ryo)TaijutsuRarity
Bat Toss Halloween1000Storm Village3:20 AM/PM EST50,000005,0001/50
Chi (Chakra) Rod Toss 850Storm Village1:25 AM/PM EST10,00,0004,0001/16
Dagai Bomb21014,000400
Dagai Throw104,500100
Demon Toss500Haze Village2:40 AM/PM EST90,00029,001/12
Dagai Flash Bomb1609,00340
Explosive Paper32045,000450
Ice Shuriken1000Haze Village10:05 AM/PM EST50,000005,0001/25
Needle Toss60013,000300

Shindo Life Consumable Ninja Tool

These are consumable Ninja Tools items used to regain player’s health stats and Weapon power…

Tool NameLevel NeedChiNinjutsuTaijutsuPrice (Ryo)PlaceSpawn TimeRarity
Chi Stim9001300No NeedNo Need80,000
Chi Pot350600No NeedNo Need50,000
Gingerbread Man350600No NeedNo Need50,000Dunes Village09:25 AM/PM EST1/100,000
Health Pot35060050,000
Health Stim900130080,000
Mixed Potion900No NeedNo Need1,00,000
Soldier Pill40030030,000
Stamina Pot2705009,000

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