Noob Army Tycoon All Pets, Hats, and Skins Tier List

The NeedForGaming presents all-new pets, hats, and skins accessories for the Noob Army Tycoon game. In the previous game update, “Pets” the MLG Gang group had announced these items. These are the only game cosmetics and nothing more. If you think pets help you to earn more money and research points then forget this.

Pets will only walk with you everywhere where you want to go, simply they are just like puppets. Where hats are cosmetic items in the game that can be used to customize the noob army.

How-To Get Pets, Hats, and Skins In Noob Army Tyccon?

  1. To get hats, pets, and skins in the noob army tycoon, you need to open the “inventory” box first. You can see it on the left side of the game screen.
  2. Now open the inventory and click on the “Buy Crates” tab. You will see two crates. Each crate has required 100 gems to open.
    1. Normal Pet Crate – give you pets
    2. Normal Pet Crate – give you hat items
    3. Normal Skin Crate – give you skin items
    4. Epic Pet Crate – This crate can give you epic pets, troops, and army vehicles.
  3. Now click, on one of the crates you want to buy to earn a pet or hat as a reward.

Note: Remember that gems are not earnable, you can only mine them in the game. For more information check out our post “How To Mine Gold & Gems In Noob Army Tycoon

Noob Army Tycoon All Pets & Hats Tier List

There are a total of 40 pets and hats in the game that you can buy and open for 100 gems. The “S+” is the best tier and “C” is the lower tier on the given list.

Orange Mini Noob OVNIA Tier Blue CommandoA Tier
Pink Mini NoobC TierOrange Snake EyesA Tier
Red Mini Soldier S+ TierYellow ShadesS+ Tier
Red Mini NoobB TierOrange ConeB Tier
Yellow Mini NoobC TierPink BookC Tier
Gray Mini NoobC TierGray Snake EyesB Tier
Black Mini NoobB TierGreen Baseball CapA Tier
Gray Mini SwordsmanS+ TierBrown HatC Tier
Gray Mini SoldierS+ TierOrange HeadphonesB Tier
Blue Mini GunnerA TierCyan Ninja MaskS+ Tier
Orange MiniB TierWhite Animal HoodsS+ Tier
Orange Mini SwordsmanS+ TierWhite BranchesA Tier
Brown Mini SwordsmanA TierPink Animal HoodsA Tier
Purple Mini NoobB TierPink Ninja MaskS+ Tier
Cyan Mini SwordsmanA Tier Orange HatB Tier
Green Mini GunnerA Tier Green ConeA Tier

Noob Army Tycoon Skins Tier List

Skin NameTier
Bomber plane Orange skinB Tier
Mortar Vehicle Red SkinA Tier
Heavy Aircraft Carrier Pink SkinC Tier
Cruiser Yellow SkinB Tier
Repairman Cyan SkinA Tier
Light Petrol Boat Grey skinB Tier

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