Roblox Pet Simulator X All Pets & Eggs Tier List

Coins and Diamonds are the main currency of the Roblox Pet Simulator X game. Players can use them to buy higher-tier eggs, which makes the possibility of getting strong and rare pets.

So invest your diamonds to hatch secret eggs and become the player who has the most pets ever. You can also upgrade pets by fusing them together to get new pets. If you face any difficulty getting free coins and diamonds then use our Pet Simulator X codes.

Pet Simulator X Eggs Tier List

Egg NameEgg TypeCost
Cracked EggStarter Eggs300 Coins
Spotted EggStarter Eggs 1000 Coins
Golden Cracked EggStarter Eggs 2,700 Coins
Golden Spotted EggStarter Eggs 4,500 Coins
Wood EggForest Eggs4,500 Coins
Grass EggForest Eggs 1,250 Coins
Golden Wood EggForest Eggs 31,500 Coins
Golden Grass EggForest Eggs 112,500 Coins
Beachball EggBeach Eggs35,000 Coins
Coconut EggBeach Eggs110,000 Coins
Golden Beachball EggBeach Eggs 315,000 Coins
Golden Coconut EggBeach Eggs 990,000 Coins
Rock EggMine Eggs175,000 Coins
Geode EggMine Eggs375,000 Coins
Golden Rock EggMine Eggs1.57 M Coins
Golden Geode EggMine Eggs 3.38 M Coins
Snow EggWinter Eggs650,000 Coins
Ice EggWinter Eggs1.1M Coins
Golden Snow EggWinter Eggs5.85M Coins
Golden Ice EggWinter Eggs9.9M Coins
Icicle EggGlacier Eggs1.9M Coins
Yeti EggGlacier Eggs3.75M Coins
Golden Icicle EggGlacier Eggs17.1M Coins
Golden Yeti EggGlacier Eggs33.75M Coins
Cactus EggDesert Eggs6M Coins
Spiked EggDesert Eggs 9.25M Coins
Golden Cactus EggDesert Eggs 54 M Coins
Golden Spiked Egg Desert Eggs 83.25M Coins
Obsidian EggVolcano Eggs22.5M Coins
Magma EggVolcano Eggs 80M Coins
Golden Obsidian EggVolcano Eggs 202.5M Coins
Golden Magma EggVolcano Eggs 562.5M Coins

Pet Simulator X Pets Tier List

Pet NameEgg NeedHatch Rate
CatStarter Eggs 28%
DogStarter Eggs 28%
BunnyStarter Eggs 28%
White BunnyStarter Eggs 14%
DalmationStarter Eggs 3%
CowStarter Eggs 38%
PigStarter Eggs 38%
ChickenStarter Eggs 15%
ChickStarter Eggs 8%
NoobStarter Eggs 0.23%
BearForest Eggs34%
CorgiForest Eggs3%
FoxForest Eggs17%
LambForest Eggs34%
MonkeyForest Eggs12%
Black BearForest Eggs34%
ParrotForest Eggs7%
RaccoonForest Eggs24%
SquirrelForest Eggs34%
TigerForest Eggs2%
Blue FishBeach Eggs18%
GoldfishBeach Eggs5%
Green FishBeach Eggs18%
HydraBeach Eggs
TurtleBeach Eggs59%
DuckyBeach Eggs16%
FlamingoBeach Eggs40%
KrakenBeach Eggs
SharkBeach Eggs4%
Ugly DucklingBeach Eggs40%
ElephantMine Eggs46%
GeckoMine Eggs46%
GriffinMine Eggs2%
Happy RockMine Eggs7%
BatMine Eggs61%
BullMine Eggs7%
ImmortuusMine Eggs0.37%
MortuusMine Eggs0.63%
Orange GeckoMine Eggs31%
Arctic FoxWinter Eggs11%
DeerWinter Eggs24%
Frost DragonWinter Eggs0.64%
Snow CatWinter Eggs32%
Snow DogWinter Eggs32%
PenguinWinter Eggs14%
Polar BearWinter Eggs36%
SealWinter Eggs14%
SnowmanWinter Eggs0.16%
WalrusWinter Eggs36%
HuskyGlacier Eggs4%
IcemortuusGlacier Eggs0.17%
Ice SlimeGlacier Eggs11%
Snow LeopardGlacier Eggs42%
Snow SquirrelGlacier Eggs42%
Angry YetiGlacier Eggs0.2%
Cheerful YetiGlacier Eggs0.2%
PuffinGlacier Eggs66%
Snow RamGlacier Eggs33%

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