Pokemon Go Dragonite, Coordinates & Best Moveset

Pokemon Go Dragonite

Dragonite is a Dragon & Flying Pokemon Go with a max CP of 3792, 263 attack, 198 defense and 209 stamina that evolves from Dragonair. It is one of the best Pokemon because of its bulk size and legendary tier-statistics. Dragonite is also a kindhearted Pokemon that leads ships in a storm to the safety of land. It is very effective against dragon-type Pokemon.

Dragonite Strengths

Its main strengths are…

  • Dragonite has a big Dragon Tail which is one of his best movesets. It can learn about its tail which makes it the best dragon-type pokemon.
  • Dragonite also has a 2-charge move which is very powerful and can be used as both offensive and defensive purposes.
  • It also has a huge size than other dragons.

Dragonite Weakness

It also have some weaknesses along with strength which are listed below…

  • It has a very high Max CP. So, when it is placed in the gym then its CP decays very fast.
  • It also has a weakness against Ice attacks.
  • Also weak against fairy, Rock, and dragons.

Pokemon Go Dragonite Coordinates

Many people ask about the coordinates of Dragonite because of its legendary stats. So, we are providing only those coordinates which will help you to find Dragonite with fewer efforts.

Dragonite evolves from Dragonair, you can catch this pokemon near golf course,river,lake and ocean. There is most probability at these places where you will have a maximum chance of getting this pokemon.

Also, look for Poke-stops near the water if you’re looking for Debonair or Dragonite. These are also the same spots if you are searching for Dratini.

If you see any coordinates given on any website or any other place then believe me it is all fake. Because it is not necessary that if someone finds Dragonite there, you will also one. So, don’t follow such types of coordinates.

Pokemon Go Dragonite Best Moveset

Here are some best movesets given which will help you in attack and defense both.

Dragon Breath

If you are attacking at a gym then dragon breath is the best sweeper for the gym. This moveset provides a large time window for Dodging incoming attacks.

Dragon Claw

It is also an good gym sweeper and helps you in dodging incoming attacks.

Dragon Tail

It is the fastest move of dragonite and has more DPS that gains energy faster.It is also the best move for defending purposes.

Steel Wing & Hyper Beam

These moves are a little bit tricky or difficult for some players due to their time consumption. So, use them as fast as you can.


It is the best charge move of dragonite although it is not in top of DPS chart.


It is the most difficult move in which you have to dodge through a very small window. If anyone tries to attack your Dragonite then it will catch your enemies guard surely.