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The name “Prince OF Persia” is the greatest name in the Action-Adventure games history. Its first part was released in late 1989 by Jordan Mechner. Where it was a 2D game and released only for Apple 2 PC Mac platform.

Jordan Mechner still owned the “Prince of Persia” intellectual property right. But after the failure of “POP 3D” in 1999, he starts work with Ubisoft to reboot the franchise again in 2003.

Original Game Trilogy…

Prince of Persia 1989,  POP 2 (The Shadow and the Flame) and Prince of Persia 3D in 1999

Here we will talk about only Ubisoft’s most famous “Prince OF Persia” franchise, which start in 2003 with Sand of Time game.

Ubisoft’s Prince Of Persia “The Sands of Time series”

Here is the list of all “Prince of Persia” games publishe by Ubisoft in its “Sand of Time Series”

  1. Sand Of Time (2003)
  2. Warrior With in (2004)
  3. The Two Thrones (The Battle Of Prince) 2005

After the success of this series Ubisoft decide to relaunch the whole series in one game. The new game name was Prince of Persia Trilogy 3D. Actually it was the remastered collection of The Sands of Time trilogy series. It was released on PlayStation 2 and on PlayStation 3 Classics HD range.

This collection includes The Sands of Time, Warrior Within, and The Two Thrones in HD version.

Prince Of Persia The Sand Of Time (2003)

The Sand of time is the reboot version of the original POP game series. It was released in 2003 as a third-person action adventure-puzzle game for PS2, Xbox, and Microsoft windows.

Prince Of Persia The Sand Of Time
POP Sand of Time

Behind the story, an unnamed Prince whose father attacks Maharaja’s city in India on the suggestion of its treacherous Vizier. During the attack, the Prince obtains a mysterious artifact “The Dagger of Time“. While Vizier’s army man captures an hourglass, which containing the Sands of Time.

Where Prince wants to present the Sand of Time as a gift to the city’s ruler Azad. But on the other hand, the Vizier tricks the Prince and released the sand and transform the whole city’s population into savage monsters.

Now Prince meets with Maharaja’s daughter Farah and they start to work together to correct his mistake and return the Sands into the hourglass.

Warrior Within (2004)

Prince of Persia warrior within
warrior within

The “warrior within” was the second sequel of this POP series. It was released in 2004 and was a huge success. Its story starts seven years after the events of The Sands of Time happened. In this storyline, the Prince finds himself constantly haunted in its dream by a terrible beast known as the “Dahaka”. This comes true when Prince goes for advice from an old wise man who explains that the beast named “Dahaka” exists in reality as a guardian of the timeline?

However, in this timeline, which is the present time of the story, Prince tries to escaped from his fate. Therefore, it is the Dahaka’s duty as a guardian of the Timeline to ensure that the man who opens the sand of time must die.

The old man said to him that whoever releases The Sands of Time must die. Here the story takes a flashback in the past where Prince had released all Sand of times in order to save his city’s people from Vizier’s monsters.

Now old man told him that there is the Island of Time, where the Empress of Time first created the Sands. He says to the Prince that he must sail for the Island to prevent the Sand from ever being created. So in this way prince can change his fate but he failed because “No man can change his fate

The Two Thrones (The Battle Of Prince) 2005

The POP Two Thrones” was the last part of the “Prince Of Persia Sand OF Time” game trilogy series.

Prince Of Persia The Two Thrones
The Two Thrones

The story starts after the death of Dahaka by the Prince in Warrior within the game, in which he saves the Kaileena the princess and prevents the creation of Sand of Time.

This action changes the whole timeline of Prince and took him before the “Sand of Time” storyline. Where the Vizier and Maharajah traveled to the Island of Time and found an hourglass. But in the timeline, which is modified by the Prince they find the hourglass completely empty.

Princess Farah

Now the whole story changed for Prince because the Vizier never released the Sands of Time and fought with him. The Vizier is still alive in this game story and Farah, who helped the Prince during the Sands of Time events, has never met with the Prince.

In the sea journey of the Prince with Kaileena, he said to her that he has done everything well and now we will go back home. But when The Prince and the princess Kaileena return to their city of Babylon, they find themself into a war. After this, Vizier kills the Kaileena with the Dagger of Time, which unleashing the Sands again and makes himself immortal.

Princess Kaileena
Princess Kaileena

Now sand turns the whole army into a sand monster. Now Prince has to kill the Vizier again to save his city. This Story tells us that ” No Man can change his fate”.

After the huge success of this Sand of Time Series, Ubisoft has released two new IPs. The Prince Of Persia 2008 and the Forgotten Send in 2010, which was the sequel of Two Thrones. We will not talk about their storyline here. Because they lie in the different game worlds and not fit with the previous game series.

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