Roblox 8th Annual Bloxy Awards All Free Items

Get all new free items for your Avatar in Roblox 8th Annual Bloxy Awards. On 27 March 2021 Roblox has announced the top best annual bloxy awards winners, content creator and experience of 2020 with many free cosmetic items to its users. So don’t waste your time and get these items at the 8th Annual Bloxy Awards. However, some of the Bloxy items like Award-Winning Smile, Imagination core, and JParty Plushie, you can get after complete the Metaverse journey event.

All 8th Annual Bloxy Awards Free Items List 2021

There are total 8 awards, you can get in “Bloxy Awards 2021″….

  1. Bloxy Builder’s
  2. Construction Outfit Pants
  3. Construction Outfit Shirt
  4. Metaverse Explorer’s Backpack
  5. 8th Annual Bloxys Voter’s Pin
  6. Award-Winning Smile
  7. Imagination Core
  8. JParty Plushie

How To Get Bloxy Builder’s & Metaverse Explorer’s Backpack Items?

You can get these two items by completing some game quest, after that, you will be rewarded with Bloxy Builder’s Hat and Metaverse backpack items.

Roblox 8th Annual Bloxy Awards Items
  • Firstly, open the game and visit the nearby Bloxy shop
  • After this, the Bloxy Awards window will open with all free items listed
  • Now, click on the “collect your outfit” button to get “Construction Outfit Pants & Shirt” clothing items.

Bloxy Builder’s Helmet

You can obtained it during your scavenger hunt game quest…

  • Item Type: [Accessory > Hat]
  • Description: Protect your head…you’ll need it. Obtained with the construction worker outfit from the concession stand in the 8th Annual Bloxy Awards experience.

Metaverse Explorer’s Backpack

Find all 8 items in the scavenger hunt quest to obtain “Metaverse Explorer’s Backpack” item.

  • Item Type: [Accessory > Back]
  • Description: What’s a trip through the Metaverse without souvenirs? Awarded for completing the scavenger hunt in the 8th Annual Bloxy Awards experience.

8th Annual Bloxy Awards | Scavenger Hunt Quest Guide

Collect all 8 scavenger hunt items around the game area. Luckily the game area isn’t too big to find out all items. But you need to keep some patience because all of these items are hidden and required a deep search. These items are…

  1. Bloxy Cola – You’ll find the Bloxy Cola item near the floating piggy. While you can get this “Soda Cola Can” still by using our Roblox promo codes list.
  2. Plushie
    1. First Plushie – Visit the glowing window with the floating house.
    2. Second Plushie – The second Plushie is located on the hanging ledge of the concession stands.
  3. Ticket
    1. First Ticket – This is the first scavenger item that you can find but we find it after two items, little embracing. You will find it just behind the Bloxy Award Speaker
    2. Second Ticket – The second Ticket is located in the Shop area on top of one of the concession stands.
  4. Imagination Core – The “Imagination Core” scavenger item can be found directly on the top of the large TV screen.
  5. Helmet – On the floor of the force field area.
  6. Wrench – You’ll find the Wrench item near the force field area.

If you still facing some problem to find all these 8 scavenger items then watch our “Scavenger Hunt Quest guide” Video.

How-To Get Award-Winning Smile

You can get the Award-Winning Smile by visit the hall of fame after completing the metaverse journey so lets start the journey…

  1. First, open the game and visit the end of the hallway area.
  2. Now board the large flying ship to start the Metaverse journey.
  3. After, that sit back and enjoy the ride where “J-Party” will announce Bloxy winner of the year.
  4. Once the Metaverse journey will over your ship return to the main Bloxy Awards Hub Area.
  5. Now step ahead and got to the middle of the white glowing Roblox logo or platform. After this, it will teleport you to the hall of fame.
  6. Once when you landed, you will be immediately awarded an Award-Winning Smile Badge and face accessory.
Award-Winning Smile
Award-Winning Smile
  • Item Type: [Accessory > Face]
  • Description: Check out those famous good looks. Awarded to anyone who visited the Hall of Fame in the 8th Annual Bloxy Awards experience

How-To Get Imagination Core

You don’t need to complete any quest to unlock the Imagination core item. Once you complete your Metaverse journey with “J-Party”, you will automatically rewarded with an Imagination core hat item. Now visit your Avatar inventory and look it in the head accessory section.

Roblox Imagination Core
Imagination Core
  • Item Type: [Accessory > Hat]
  • Description: Careful, it’s glowing with imagi-radiation. Awarded to users who completed a trip through the Metaverse in the 8th Annual Bloxy Awards experience.

How-To Get Roblox JParty Plushie

To get the “JParty Plushie” shoulder item, you need to visit the hall of fame first. Now, lookout for a “Claw machine” between two black pillars.

How-To Get Roblox JParty Plushie

Now use Claw Machine to collect a “JParty Plushie” shoulder item and badge.

Roblox JParty Plushie
JParty Plushie
  • Item Type: [Accessory > Shoulder]
  • Description: Let’s get the party started. Awarded to users who used the claw machine in the 8th Annual Bloxy Awards experience.

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